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Whisper nodded curtly as she entered. The baths were fine. She was not going to mention the Shrine or the entirety of the place just yet. It was rude to just launch into a "I hate your place" rant and she knew that it was much more polite to step around certain things upon first meeting another person. This Sir Ichs could be considered at a similar rank to Whisper herself though she quite doubted that he was a true paladin based upon the way that he moved and the things he said as well as how they were said. You wanted to speak with me, Sir Ichs? Her tone was very respectful at this point though her eyes made it clear that she was not impressed.


Shad had been watching his mark since the theatre. She as a strange thing, pretty in a thin sort of way. The lord, DeKlaris, that she had been with seemed to dote on her as she smiled prettily at him and batted her large blue eyes up at him. That was what decided him on her. Pickings had been slim lately. Only three out of fifteen abductions had taken place as predicted in the last month. There had been too many guards about or the women and children had not been alone.

So when Echo's feet had hit the street and Shad realized that it was most definitely the mark, he sprung like the shadow he was. She must have caught movement from the corner of her eye before one of his hands spanned across her mouth and the other wrapped around her midsection, drawing her to him as if he was some sort of oceanic squid. He backed up deeper into the alleyway to keep her from making too much audible noise and from kicking enough to draw attention to him. His hands were covered in black gloves and the clothes he wore were also black, a hood drawn over his face.

The hiskr that she had been with came out and looked around, suddenly agitated. M'lady? Echo? Wherrre arrre you? Echo? The hiskr, not seeing her was suddenly quite upset, his fur puffing up around his body. M'lady?! Hasss sssomeone ssseen herrr? Guarrrdsss! Muffle ran down the street to find someone to help him find Echo.

Shad grinned and looked down at his prize before he backed up further, tugging Echo back with him, keeping his legs blocking any backward kick that she might send his way. Another man sidled up out of the shadows. Check her. His gravelly voice was a rolling bass coming from his thick chest. The man holding her spoke softly in a whisper as the weasely man with the slimy smile nodded vigorously. The other, smaller man began to pat at her hips and her waist, feeling for weapons. Then he slid his hands down the outside of her hips and thighs and shook his head. Between the breasts. I won't have a stiletto shoved into my arm again. Just nudge them aside and I'll look myself.

The small man reached casually into the top of her dress, his clammy hands settling against the soft lumps of flesh before pushing them apart as he giggled weezily. Shad simply pushed her head aside with his hand still clapped over her mouth and his chin against the side of her head. She good, Shad? She good?

Shad sighed softly with exasperation. Ant, if she wasn't, do you think I would have simply stood here? I would have told you to dig it out. Remove your hands from the woman and let's get the hell out of here. The weasely man, Ant, frowned in the darkness and removed his hands from Echo's cleavage and began to dig about in his pockets as the man behind her made no move to go.

Ready, Shad? The man behind her said nothing, but his hand was removed from her lips as soon as the drugged handkerchief was firmly pushed across her nose and lips to knock her out. As soon as he felt her will to resist him give way, Shad pulled the kerchief away and wrapped his arms around her before finding the nearest tunnel to the sewers and the warrens that ran in the underbelly of the darkest city in the world.


Shad and Ant had a decent trip, but they got to the hideaway with no true incidents. The bit of brick and tile that their lives revolved around was swept clean and smelled the freshest out of all of the warrens. Shad prided himself on as much cleanliness as could be afforded in the sewers. He settled the woman in her cell, hands shakled to the wall with her back to it, but leaving it so she could sit almost comfortably on the floor. There was a chamberpot, but she would have to request to use that. It was kinder that way, according to Shad's natural tendencies. Her feet wouldn't hurt from standing so much and she could shift a little and kick and pout all she wanted. If she screamed, well, lots of things screamed in the sewers and the guards never came for it because darker things that men existed there. The "cell" itself was just a square room with an opening onto a few other square rooms where the men lived. The only actual locking door was the one to the whole sewers and that one was locked up nice and tight with only three people holding the keys. Shad was one of them.

So he looked at the delicate woman with a bit of curiosity. Her feet were unclad and now that he had taken the jewelry off of her ankles and wrists to place them on the table, he could see that they were working bells. He flicked one of them, listening to the sound as the other five men nearby gambled as they played cards and dice. Shad himself smoked his wooden pipe, taking long draws from it to soothe himself. The ransom note would be drawn up as soon as he had the lady's name correctly. "M'lady Echo" didn't seem right.

His hood was down, his brown hair loose to just past the tops of his shoulders to cover his ears and the most noticeable side of his half elf heritage. His clothing was all black and looked relatively crudely made, but effective. The falchion at his hip seemed to be his only weapon. So he jingled the little bells, amused by their soft ringing, the pipe caught between his teeth.
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