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Sir Ichs looked up at the knock. "Enter! Ah, Sir Lorelei. I trust things are decent enough?" He smiled, slimy and more ratlike than lionlike


Tomick bathed swiftly. He just wanted the grime off of him. Afterwards, he followed Whisper until he turned out towards the stables. He wanted to make sure that the horses were well taken care of. If he had to pull out of his money, he would make sure they had good grain and hay.


Echo smiled at Charles. "Go along. I'm sure I shall survive with this ruffian." She smirked at Muffles as the lord took his leave. As she hooked her arm through his, she glanced at the hiskr, teasing. "I shall simply tug upon your ears if you step out of line." Instead of allowing him to take her back to the suites though, she joined him in laughter and jokes as they walked along, searching for a tavern or inn that she could sing at. Many places already had resident bards. But there was one that didn't. It wasn't supremely well off, but it was decent looking, and well kept up. But most of all, it wasn't overly crowded. She smiled at those who looked at her, but the hiskr stalking behind her kept any from reaching out to her inappropriately.

She challenged the rough working men who were in the tavern when they asked her what a lady like her was doing, beating them with crude humor and tavern jokes alike, before finally getting a few song requests after she made it clear that she was a performer. In nice clothing, but a performer. She went through three or four different tunes, most of them upbeat, one of them even getting her up on a table, by insistence of the men. They were respectful enough to step back away, but she knew they got flashes of leg from how she kicked her heels.

Breathless, she chugged a small ale from the barkeep as her pay for entertaining and gathering customers. Without waiting for Muffle, though she waved at her escort to catch his eye, she moved out of the door and into the cool night air, sighing. it was only a moment later when she snapped her eyes open and looked around "Who's the-" her challenge was cut off as a thick hand whipped around her mouth and a strong arm pulled her into an alleyway.
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