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Whisper kept some sort of modesty going as she plunged as discreetly as possible into the bathwater and lathered things up enough to keep the surface of the water soapy. Despite everything, it was Juli, not Mender, that made her feel uncomfortable. The other woman kept glancing at her from time to time which kept Whisper washing her face several times in order to clean whatever was on it that Juli kept looking at. Mender looked at his toes most of the time or the soap, the water, or the walls.

Once clean, she changed into some serviceable clothes, her black trousers and a light blue hooded tunic, strapped her broadsword and dagger to her hips, keeping one dagger in her boot and left the others to go and check on Sir Ichs, wanting to get it all over with.

She knocked politely and waited for his word to enter.


The play was one that was based upon some sort of long standing love story with a happy ending as most plays seemed to be in the higher end theatres. The names changed, the circumstances changed, but somehow the lovers always ended up living happily ever after even after wicked fathers were murdered, duels fought for the lady's hand, and the like. This one had pirates in it, some actors dressed up to be waves and a ship. Charles thought it was rather ridiculously funny and kept his laughs him himself though he smiled a great deal behind his hands.

As the play came to its conclusion, a man tapped on the outside of their balcony, causing Charles to turn. Oh, Theodore. Your lord wishes to speak to me, I presume? About the trade agreement we made when last we spoke? The man nodded and Charles sighed. He turned to Echo. My lady, I beg leave of you. I am grateful that you let me take you here at least, but I am afraid that I must speak with Lord Fitzherbert about our agreements which will undoubtedly be very tedious. Would you be able to make due with Muffle in my absence?

The hiskr had been standing at attention at the back of the balcony. Amber had not come, preferring to stay in the suite and tidy up their belongings. Muffle smiled. I would be pleasssed if the lady would allow me to do ssso. The hiskr bowed to Echo, a borderline insolent grin on his catty face.
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