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Tomick had managed, with his Court upbringing, to keep his face the blank face of a warrior all the way through Sir Ichs' tour and all of his words. But a shudder ran through him at the state of the shrine. And he disliked the man. Listening to Whisper, he looked at the group. With a small smile at Mender, he nodded agreement as well.

the baths were actually in good enough repair, if unused for a while. There was a good enough supply of soap and the towels that were in the cupboard were clean.


Echo was pulling her slightly damp hair up into a high ponytail as Charles entered the room. With a soft smile and sure movements, she stood gracefully. "A moment, and I shall be, Charles. And a private balcony sounds wonderful." She stepped to set her brush in her room, and grabbed the now completely clean hidden blade. She left the two knives in her bag. She was going out with Charles. There wasn't a high chance of needing anything. It was caution alone that made her keep the flat blade against her thigh, under her skirts. Then she came out with a smile.

Walking down the streets with him, she drew comments and stares. Some of the other lords they passed looked upon Charles DeKlaris with envy or jealousy. Her bells drew even more attention as people whispered about the unknown lady who went barefoot. But she was with DeKlaris, so she had to be high-born, right? Echo pretended to not hear any of the whispers, though she did occasionally amplify a conversation out of curiosity. When they sat in their private balcony to view the play, she sat down with a sigh of relief to be away from the staring eyes. At least up here, she could hide without having to pull on a mask.
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