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The man rambled, giving Whisper the impression that he simply didn't care and was asking for monetary compensation. Anyone who uses "nothing like the richness that Phenvast has" is obviously looking for money. He is not even interested in anything I have to say. I'm sure that this is making Tomick make faces as well though I'm sure the both of us are keeping them firmly behind our masks of civility and propriety as if we were in Court. I can only hope Juli and Mender are remaining impassive. Not that I can look backwards to check because that would be rude...

The Shrine itself would have made any true believer weep. It was coated in dust as if it hadn't seen a good cleaning in years. It disturbed her so badly that she wanted to clean it herself and tidy the armor and weapons that sat before it. How can any man feel his God nearby if such a thing faces them? It is nothing like the altar of the Victory Shrine nor even the altar in the Complex. Not even close to the temple in the swamp. So small a thing could utterly change this place to do some good!

The final inquiry of the so-called Leader of this Hold was enough to make her want to vomit after his assertion that he may or may not be able to feed them all. This is utterly ridiculous! Her eyes did not thaw. Instead, they settled on Sir Ichs intensely. Certainly. Once we are bathed and fed. I'm sure we will be fine from here. Thank you for your hospitality, Sir Ichs. She dismissed him brusquely. Despite the prospect of water and cleaning, she had this sinking feeling that all the tubs in the Hold were going to be filthy and gray and cold. Maybe I could get Tomick to round up some men to get us real water...?

She glanced in the simple sleeping rooms and figured that there would either be dust or fleas upon them. At the worst, it would be both dust and fleas. Even so, she was never going to leave anything important within the room without someone else being there to protect it. Everyone, please come with me. She tugged Juli, Mender, and Tomick into one room with her, closing the door behind them before glancing at all their faces. This... was not quite what I was expecting here.

Juli snorted. Now that's the understatement of the year. This place is a dump.

Mender frowned, saddened. I'm sure they're doing the best they can with fifteen men and the budget they have available.

They could have at least afforded to dust their shrine off once in a while. Based upon the dust on the floor, I'd say that no one's gone in there for at least a year and how do you speak to God without going to His sacred places? Whisper's intense eyes looked at Mender who looked at his feet and shifted silently. As it is, I think that I would feel more comfortable if we all shared a bunkroom and that no one leave anything important here if there's not someone else around to watch. Can we do that? As she had seen Tomick naked and figured that Juli was just another woman, the only other person that she figured might be too uncomfortable was Mender.

Mender glanced up, startled by the idea of sharing quarters with two women. He swallowed and then nodded. Juli laughed and cast her eyes onto Whisper in a way that made Whisper herself feel mildly uncomfortable. Tomick? Yes and then we all go check out the baths and pray that they're not gray and covered with algae?


Charles nodded. As you wish, Echo. Enjoy your bath. He smiled as he went to attend to his own.

Muffle and Amber were quick with their refreshing baths and scurried about, setting things to rights. Charles came later, his hair dry and tied back in a tail. He was in a simple blue jacket and brown trousers with a cream colored shirt with a looser neck and some small ruffles at his wrists. He was freshly shaved and looking as dapper as a young lord ought to before going out for evening entertainment. If you are ready, Echo. We will be able to get a meal during the play. I have arranged to have a private balcony to enjoy things from if that is alright with you.


Near the theatre houses and the high end inns and taverns, a group of men held watch. They flitted from shadow to shadow and moved like silent fogs. Very few people saw them as they were practiced at their jobs and those that did paid them no mind, preferring to keep things simpler by not seeing them. It was a well known organization and none of the guards had been able to stop them. Those that had been caught died before they could be questioned about their lair or their leader. And so they waited, watching, finding logical marks for profitable trades.
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