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If Whisper had had her doubts about this Hold before, she certainly had them now. The left one seemed an ignorant sort of man even if Lorant was a bit better. She liked neither of them and had a feeling that she would like Sir Ichs even less if he was anything similar to these thugs that guarded his door. Perhaps they are only able to garner the local thugs to their sides which has created a perpetual cycle of them being seen as nothing except lowlife scumbags. His stare was rude, but she allowed it. She didn't want any more trouble with these people who were her supposed brothers-in-arms. She wondered at Lorant for a moment as his eyes lingered on Juli. Perhaps he found her attractive when no one else seemed to with her head so bare when once she had lustrous blond hair that no one at the Complex remembered ever seeing. He wasn't so bad...

She nodded her head to Tomick and the others to follow this Sir Lorant to the stables in back. Wraith was unsettled already, but she knew her horse would settle with time and quiet. And if someone other than me tries to take him, he will simply do what a trained horse will do and stomp the offender. At the very least, his noise would wake all of Hell itself. She wrapped the reins around the post they had for horses. She kept it loose enough that Wraith could pull free if he deemed it necessary to protect himself or the things that were stored in their saddlebags. There did appear to be some sort of stablehand within and so she felt that she should try to trust them to some degree though the money that she was given was going to stay on her person. They could always buy more food and the hard travel rations tasted wretched anyway.

As Whisper followed Sir Lorant back from the stable with Tomick, Mender, and Juli at her back, she looked around her as they went. The hallway was clean appearing though there was no decoration nor anything to denote that it was other than a vacant building. The floors were scuffed and there was the light bit of mud and filth that boots brought in on a regular basis, but Whisper did not find that as troubling in and of itself.

Then they were in the office of Sir Ichs. It felt as vacant as the hallway save for the desk and the man sitting behind it. As they were ushered in, Whisper looked upon him critically, apprising the dirty nails of his hands and the short dirty blond hair. Her chin was raised pridefully as ever, her shoulders back, her stance at ease, making her relaxed in appearance only when the rest of her was honed for any action. She would give no appearances of weakness here. It was as if two prides of lions were meeting for the first time. She would give them no sign of weakness for them to attack. And for all they know, I decided to paint my face cleverly with this tattoo. Proof! Pfft! They should have asked me what I was, where I was from, and then challenged me to a fight if they were even remotely wary of who I was and how to prove it. Or even took me to whatever altar of Leosine that they use and then placed me before it so I could swear my beliefs to it or be struck dead. Unless, of course, they don't believe that old superstition...

Whisper met Sir Ichs eyes straight on, her pale blue orbs ice. Yes, I am the Lorelei. Many have heard my surname before. It is usually because my father wore it before me. Sir Shayne Lorelei. Most simply forget he has a name and refer to him as the Mad Lion. I am his eldest, Whisper, paladin in full. She gave him a wicked half smile, never budging her ice cold stare from the man's face. My companions are Sir Tomick Kethion, paladin in full, Sir Julianne Markis, knight, and Mender Regalt, initiate. She waited to see if any recognition of Mender's last name would happen as well as his parents had been the diplomats and emissaries that had established even this little dung drop of a sanctuary here in the city.


Charles was pleased that it seemed as if Echo had regained at least some of her cheer. He smiled back and nodded. Of course, Echo. Bathing comes first for all of us, I am sure. I would not want to attend a show and still have the dust of the road upon my trousers. The City should be seen as clean as one can possibly be.

The wagon trundled up the road and through the gates to Court as soon as the Lord Charles DeKlaris was recognized. He was well known everywhere he went within the Courts of the major areas. The only places he had yet to attempt were the north and south and he had been assured by numerous sources that those were not places he wanted to travel. He was not overly fond of heat and cold as it was. The benefactor he had left behind escorted them to Charles' hastily readied suites. There were several bedrooms within it and a large common room, dining room, three refreshment rooms, and a small hearth and kitchen. All the bedrooms had their own fireplaces, smaller for the servants' rooms. But it was obvious that there were two large bedrooms, one for the lord and one for his lady. Echo would get her own room which was attached to her refreshment room. The entire place had wooden flooring that was covered in fine rugs. The furniture was lovely and finely padded with dark, rich woods. Tapestries and wall hangings of various natural scenes hung everywhere and there were fresh flowers in the vases on all of the small tables and dressers. The beds were covered in thick, soft sheets of satin with lovely curtains that could be drawn around them for privacy if one decided to need more privacy than simply shutting the curtains of the large windows of the room which overlooked a spacious garden down below with a gazebo and a small hedgemaze of large rose bushes.

Bathing always came first though... I hope you will enjoy your room, Echo, and not think that it is too improper or forward to be sharing the same suite as I. Muffle and Amber each have their own small rooms in between so it is not as if we will be too close, or so I believe. And you may do as you would like. Even if you would like my chambers more than your own, I would be pleased to pull out my wardrobe and allow you to have it instead. He smiled kindly. But please, let me know if you have need of anything and I will be happy to acquire it for you. That said, he was happy to allow her to enjoy a bath if she would so choose.
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