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The man on the right looked at Whisper with baleful hazel eyes. The left chuckled through his scowl. "Awfully big for a Lioness, isn't she, Lorant?" He looked to the hazel eyed man with his green.

Lorant scowled all the more. "Shutup, Steph." His growl was rough, obviously he didn't have much fondness for the man he stood guard with. He would have been handsome enough were he not scowling. "Sir Whisper Lorelai, eh? Well, I'm Sir Lorant Cicad and he's Sir Steph Klurt." His eyes scanned over first her, then the other three with her, lingering for a moment on Juli. "I'd ask for proper identification, but there's nobody but a Lion that would dare tattoo His symbol over their face..." He stared at her harder, as though he was trying to place someone he had seen before. He nodded shortly. "Steph, I'll take 'em around back to the stable, and take them to see Sir Ichs. He'll determine whether you'll stay or not." He beckoned to Whisper, leading them around the building to the small space behind where they could temporarily tie their horses.

Once they were dismounted, Lorant grunted, eyeing Sunhigh appreciatively, and making Tomick scowl slightly. He beckoned them into the small building, leading them down a straight hallway to an office at the end. It was set up simply with a large desk, and a lean and wiry man sitting behind it. His head was not shaved, but rather filled with short cropped, dirty blond hair, and he looked up as Lorant knocked. "Enter, Sir Lorant. Who do you bring with you?"

The bald man bowed and beckoned Whisper forward. "This is Sir Whisper Lorelei, Sir. She comes from Phenvast, and asks for lodgings for the night."

Sir Ichs looked at the young woman before him with her three followers, and raised an eyebrow. "And they have proof they are of our Order?"

"I've seen none save that she's got the tattoo of the lion on her, Sir.' He kept his gaze down submissively, but stood solid.

Ichs turned his gaze to Whisper expectantly. "You are Lorelei? Where have I heard that name?"


Echo turned her smile onto Charles. "I would love to Charles. Just so long as I can get completely clean before we go." She laughed lightly.
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