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Whisper nodded with a smirk. Fine. Be that way. She chuckled. I'll see you tomorrow then. As it was, the wagon rolled up the street and the hill as the four people on horseback rode down it. While Whisper had some misgivings about separating from her sister, she put it down to the fact that she and Echo had never been majorly separated before and especially not in a big city. But I must trust that it will be okay. I can feel her and Charles will make sure to take care of her. I know I can trust him to do what is in her best interests. Now, Mender, where is the Lion's Hold?

Mender lead the quartet down some dark streets followed by darker streets until Whisper felt that they were lost. The streets felt dark and closed in, as if eyes watched them from every shadow. Wraith snorted at the smell, stepping gingerly in or around puddles that stank. A pile of rags coughed and groaned, rolling over. A child cried and a cat hissed as a dog barked. The growing shadows seemed so very alive and so very untrustworthy. As it was, the hanging sign by a rather large, yet unadorned building marked it with the Lion's Eye. the building itself was long, two floors high with very small windows, the entire thing built out of stone with small wood decorations. Based upon the darkness of the stonework, the building was old and had been partially set on fire more than once. Hence the stone... There were two toughs standing outside the door, both bald and youthful and very large with their arms crossed and their scowls deep. Right here.

Uh. The syllable was more of a grunt that was torn between surprise, disgust, and acknowledgement. I hadn't realized that we were so unwelcome in this city... This is not looking good. She swallowed and then looked to the men at the door, smiling in greeting. Hello, gentlemen. I am Sir Whisper Lorelei of the Complex in Phenvast City. I am here to call upon your Order's aid and shelter out of kinship. Can you permit us entry and a place to tie our horses for this evening? There was a sense of unease simply because of the condition of their building and the grimness of their guards who were probably paladins of their Order, but it was just so humble in comparison to her home and completely disheartening!


The wagon continued upwards through glittering streets with candles, lanterns, store merchandise all gleaming like jewels in cases. Light and the sounds of laughter permeated the taverns and inns. There were people that walked the streets arm in arm or large groups of women or men who laughed together, obviously going to some play or entertainment. The city was full of wonders and life, like a glittering gem. Echo, would you go with me to a play tonight? There is probably one going on in one of the theatres nearby and I would love to give you a chance to see some of the evening sights. It is a lovely city. He smiled as he looked at the woman who was probably avidly looking out the window of the wagon to catch a glimpse of the world around her that she was probably unfamiliar with. I could provide her with these things too. Culture, beauty, art, all the good things in life. I wish she would simply let me...
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