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Whisper and the rest got through the main gates and into the City. It was almost as soon as they found themselves riding through the crowded concourse that Jet and Paul announced that they were both leaving and not intending to come back. As neither had true blood relations at the Complex in Phenvast and that she had wanted to replace them already, this was nothing to truly concern her. Mender, however, was absolutely devastated and rode more closely to Tomick since they had departed.

The streets were busy and bustling even at this dinner hour. Whisper's stomach was growling, displeased to not have eaten much of anything over the last few days. Amber motioned to Whisper with a quick snap or her fingers. Whisper, we're going to head up to Court. M'lord will need some time to renew some contracts there tonight before we depart tomorrow. Yar sister is welcome to join us though I'm not certain of her plans yet.

The paladin woman nodded and went to look into the window of the wagon to see what Echo was about. Charles, I hear that you're going up to Court. You're welcome to it. Amber says you're inviting Echo along?

I am indeed, if the Lady would do me the honor of accompanying me there. He looked at Echo, smiling gently though he knew that she was probably still shaken up from Jet's betrayal. He would not press her no matter her answer even though he wished that she would come with him. There was a great much to see. According to Mender, the Lion's Hold here was a small thing down in lowtown where most of the city's less desirable element roamed free. She would be much safer at Court with Charles.

Whisper looked to her sister to wait for an answer before they would go about dividing their small party. After all, Whisper, Juli, Tomick, and Mender were the only Lions left. Four... Good riddance to the unbelievers, but I would still prefer more men. I hope this Lion's Hold that Mender speaks of has more people than it sounds like.
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