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Echo chuckled with the hiskr, but it was forced. For all that she wondered if he spoke of a sand-bath or some other form of cleansing. Her mind was preoccupied slightly. She felt the urge to attack Jet with her blades, but part of her settled back, smug. There was nothing that could possibly be more satisfying than having completely ripped his life apart. He now would start from nothing. Perhaps that was worse than death, for a man to see what was his heart's desire stripped from him. She blinked slowly, hiding the negative thought, shocked a little at herself for having had it. It was a bloodthirsty, merciless thought that she never would have expected from herself. But he had all but straight out told her that he did not believe in Leosine. I may not be dedicated to him, as my family is... but I know he is there. Perhaps, he is one of the few gods I can truly call upon. For I certainly can't see myself calling for anything but strength... She pulled her thoughts back to the present moment.

The large man reached down to offer a hand to help the woman to her feet. "I figure, if we get head out again now, we can get there early enough that we can find lodgings in the Complex in the city, rather than have to pay for an inn or such. I'm not sure whether your sister will be with us or will follow Lord Charles up to the court, but either way. I would feel safer if we were among people that will respect us because we are lead by the Mad Lion's daughter. I don't trust inns in the city."
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