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Muffle sniggered at her comment about civilization. "Civilizassion" iss only a differrrent sorrrt of jungle with differrrent sssortsss of wildlife. With a grin, he continued. It will be nisse to have a bath at any rrrate.

Juli lifted an eyebrow. I thought hiskrs didn't like water.

Not all bathsss musst have waterrr. The hiskr chuckled and Charles tried to smile. He could sense Echo's distress. Yet he didn't know what to say to her to make her feel better.


Jet had gone to find Paul. I'm leaving, Paul. The former circus performer was near the back of the wagon, idling away from everyone else as he didn't want to talk.


Once we hit the city, I'm leaving. I'm taking everything I've got on me and signing up for a caravan to the north. Do you want to come?


Jet's mouth curved downwards. I'm not going to repeat it again, Paul. Yes or no?

The other man blinked and thought briefly before wrinkling his nose. Why the north though? It's too damn cold!

Jet shrugged. It's home. And I belong there.

Paul shrugged. I'll leave these assholes at the city too then, but I'll have to think on... North for a bit longer. Brr!


Mender's smile broadened as Tomick agreed to take on a student. It was not unforseen that a paladin, even a young one, would take on an apprentice to guide. Whisper hadn't because of her age and temperament. She enjoyed her freedom. Tomick, however, was not Whisper and other men looked up to him for his fine disposition and dedication. Thank you, Sir Tomick! I will try not to be a disappointment to you! The excitement could not be withheld from his voice. He was finally an official apprentice to someone that was dedicated to the Order and a gentleman too!


Whisper sat on a rock, her knees up with an elbow propped on it, her hand up, tracing the contours of her lower lip over and over again, feeling the soft tickle of sensitivity that the flesh held. Her thoughts bounced between the ice that Echo felt and her own doubts, fears, and duties. Things had been more simple at home. Now it seemed as if her thoughts had the world flying apart inbetween her hands. There was simply too much to do and what felt like no time in which to do it. Her eyes looked back at Tomick as she heard his foot scuff lightly in the dirt of the road. Oh. Tomick. Her voice was that faraway one that said that she was slowly coming back into her own mind from her deep thinking. I suppose everyone is done eating and we should be getting ready to move again, hmm?
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