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He calmed, and when he spoke, his tone was icy. As he said that she never would have to see him again, her eyes narrowed. Good. Anger still moved through her. Anger at his belief that she had messed with his mind. She had made him no promises. She had actually liked him. Even more anger that he had insulted her by saying she was lying, insulted her again by telling her to keep her gods to herself. But it was apparent to her now that he would not be able to every come to grips with her talents. Or with the fact that I'm actually more powerful than him. Her voice was deadly as she spoke at his back, not caring if he heard her or not. "Leosine grant you an inglorious death, a backstab or an mugging. Because you are no more worthy to be one of His Lions than a parrot." Hatred had entered her voice, and Echo was almost shocked at the honesty she felt in the prayer. She truly wished him to not die in a glorious battle as would a true Lion's wish. She turned towards Wraith, and then stopped. It probably wasn't the best that she be near horses at the moment. Instead, she turned, her eyes glancing past the man that was walking away. Juli and Charles were sitting with his servants, Whisper was thinking, she couldn't see Paul at the very moment, and Tomick was talking with Mender. She could not go off alone by herself, for surely they would be leaving soon. perhaps she could ride for a while, because she did not want to be around Charles at the moment either.

Ice had settled over her. It radiated out from her and the expression on her face was one that had been upon Sigh's for many years. Cold boredom. Only Whisper would recognize it if she looked. If even a man as strong as he cannot accept me... then it is certain that in the end, nobody will. That's fine. All I need is my sister and my father. She took a deep breath, the silver bracelet ringing softly. She let magic flow to it, but could not be calmer than she already had fallen to. Letting the mask she had always worn in Court come into being, she was smiling as she began to walk over to Juli, Charles and Muffle. She didn't settle by Charles though, choosing instead to sit by Muffle for the moment. "Anybody else excited to see civilization?" It was a semi-cheery voice. Only her eyes betrayed the ice within.


Tomick blinked, shocked at Mender's request. But warmth filled him at the same time, and he smiled. "Sure, Mender. I'll train you. I can't say I'll be the best, but we'll stumble through it together, eh?" He looked about, clapping the man companionably on the shoulder before heading over to Whisper. Their break had been short, but if they got moving again, they would have enough time to find the Complex in the city.
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