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Jet noted coldly that she took all blame against herself and turned it on him. That she said that she quelled fights with sound and said that she had never toyed with a man's mind. Instead it all came back to who her father and mother were and the damnable Lion Cult. He didn't care about shrines or gods. That wasn't who he was. That's why he wasn't a paladin and never would be. He didn't seek to be everything on the battlefield. He only sought two or three meals a day, a place to sleep, a place to commune with those he enjoyed being with, and a place to work on his true craft. He would have wanted the love of a woman, but that woman had to have toyed with his mind. Probably "settled" my fights with her "harmonies." Is it worth it? Is this life worth it?

Everything that he had ever been was unravelling inbetween his fingers all for the sake of one spoiled woman. She wanted and ravaged with no regard to the lives she toyed with. She was constantly protected either with her deadly magics or her deadly family. Despite the feelings that raged within him, both repulsed and attracted to this small, delicate looking female, he could still see her covered in blood and gore, laughing in maniacal glee over her kills. No. It's not worth it. It's over.

A chill fell over his. Jet's red face slowly returned to normal and he closed his eyes, opening them slowly when he was finished with his blink. A calm drew over him. I'm done. Keep your terror and your secrets and your trysts. Keep your lies and your gods to yourself. I don't want anything to do with them anymore. You only used me as you have any other man and I was a fool to haven't seen it. Once we get to the city, I'm leaving and you won't ever have to see me again. He turned and walked away from her, his cold, unfeeling voice drifted away. Jet took his heart in his hand and turned it to metaphorical powder and let it drift away. He wouldn't let himself feel pain, not for her. Not for Echo Lorelei. She would leave a trail of bodies behind her, both living and dead and both just as empty when she was done. He was one of the empty ones that still took breath and he wondered if he was one of the lucky ones or if the bodies that she had laughed over were more so.


Mender listened intently, intense concentration in his honest, open face. That he listened and internalized everything that Tomick had been saying was obvious even to someone not within the conversation. When we get back home, Sir Tomick, would you... would you consider training me? Teaching me? I know that it's a lot to ask, but I feel that Jet, while my friend, isn't the most sincere about our connections to Leosine. I can see that you are sincere and I want to know more. I want to believe in Leosine with all my heart. He is the God of my family and I do not want to be pushed away simply because I was found lacking. He frowned slightly, worried. But I will do as you say, see about talking with Whisper and going to the Shrine. I will do all I can to find the faith that I need to perservere.


Juli glanced over to where Jet and Echo were speaking rather heatedly and loudly. She could not follow every word, but that didn't stop her from trying. She could tell that the lord beside her was doing the same as was his hiskr servant whose one ear had swivelled in that direction.
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