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Jet exhaled heavily. She would run him through the wringer. Echo, it's... it's not like that. I didn't know you had magic. It's something I don't know how to fight. Here you are, laughing in the middle of these... dead bodies that are headless surrounding your feet. Do you know how frightening that is? You keep insisting that that could have been me too. What am I supposed to do? Huh?! Calmly accept that this woman that I knew so well is telling me that she could just scream enough to explode my skull, to laugh when she's covered in the gore from my brain?

His hands rubbed at his face as he tried to calm the deep panic that had come through his voice as he spoke of what had happened when he found her. I mean, gods, Echo! What am I supposed to do? What if your sister had ordered us all out into the woods to look for you instead of me just going on my own? What then? Because you didn't know we were all out there so nearby, you could have killed us all! So I get scared and have fear, so what? Don't you or your sister or your father ever get scared of something in your lives or are you so perfect that none of you know what fear is?! I came back, Echo! I needed some time to get away, to think, fine. And yeah, it hurt you and I'm sorry for that. And despite the fact that you can snuff out my life with a thought and that you might have even screwed with my mind to make me feel this way about you, I came back because I wanted to, because I wanted to be beside you. And if you can't accept that, maybe I should just go. It's bad enough that Pa-- He cut off his words and shook his head. He wasn't going there no matter how much fire was raging in him. A sigh came out of his throat and his teeth clenched. His dark eyes were angry, furious that she took his apology and spit it back into his face like so much cheap dirt. That he had to sit by as she screwed a lord was maddening. That damn lord doesn't deserve her! And that I have to watch it...! ARGH!


Mender followed Tomick's glance easily, his own green eyes cast out upon Whisper's imposing figure. When he glanced back to meet Tomick's eyes, he smiled shyly. You really think so, Sir Tomick? That Sir Shayne himself would allow me to... to have a place in the Order? Perhaps I don't have anything as motivating as you, Sir, but I would really like to make my family proud of me. There are... so many things about our God that I don't understand though. What it means to be apart of the Order. I listen to our Councilmen and my elders and those in charge of my training and I feel that I'm drifting further apart from where I should be. My parents say that it's normal to not know your place in life, but they don't teach me themselves. It is up to those that lead our Order to guide me, they say. What do I do, Sir Tomick? How can I find a place with our god when I don't know the way? The younger man looked at Tomick, seriousness and confusion written on his plain, thick, honest features. That he felt adrift from the Order was obvious. When he was constantly in the company of Jet who was not sure if he would stay with the Order and Paul who was only an initiate and not a very good one, who did Mender have to look up to if everyone he looked at seemed insincere? Tomick was a lot more approachable than the intense Whisper Lorelei and a lot less legendary than Sir Shayne, but yet, he was a paladin so he must've done something right even if all he was doing it for was for the regard of a girl.
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