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Whisper nodded, enjoying being settled against him. I doubt that Juli will ever give you any trouble. She'll be a paladin one day, mark my words. She's all professional. It's why she shaves her head. It saves time in washing it. She smirked even though he couldn't see it. He'd probably heard it in her voice anyway.

She sighed heavily as he mentioned Paul though. I don't know if that boy is going to survive the trip. He just needs to keep his pants up and his eyes on his job. I see his dick even once and I'm cutting it off. The woman snorted irritatedly as she glanced to where Paul was busy kicking at rocks in the ground. They say that men mature later than women. No matter how much older he is in comparison to me, he'll be sixteen in my books instead of his twenty and two. He is the weakest amongst us because of it too.

But I agree with you. Lord Charles seems a decent sort, very down to earth. Echo likes him well enough as she seems to all that are nice on the eyes and masculine. Says he's a bit of a spitfire on the inside, not that I've a mind to find out myself. I'm quite content with Lions instead of lords. She chuckled softly, trying to keep her insides from getting all knotted up. I need to keep Tomick from getting into my head. I... I need to lead here and can't let myself get so distracted over him. If there's a fight, I will need to trust him to look over himself. By the Mane, could you imagine me rushing over to his side to help him fight off someone?! It would make him appear weak in front of the others just because I cared about him and didn't want to see him injured! I'm going to have to watch myself very carefully...

Whisper glanced at her troop and sighed. They all appeared to have eaten and completed it. The horses had been rested for a short while. I suppose... I don't want to have my rear form up in the shape of that damn saddle, but we're all done eating and the horses have rested long enough... Tomick, get Juli and Paul and get them back in the saddle. Tell Paul he gets the honor of riding close at our sides on this half of our trip as I don't want him far enough to be out of my sight. If you could be on that flank with me too, then I'll know that we have at least two good sets of eyes there. Juli and Jet will be fine on the other for now. I'd rather overcompensate for Paul just now and show the other two that I trust them more. She stretched her arms forward and reluctantly went for her feet. I'll go and get Mender, Jet, and my sister once I get his lordship settled. And now I'm thinking about Tomick naked. That is not helpful... She grunted and left him to do his job.

Despite the pale pink blush on her cheeks which she blamed on the cold, Whisper stood before Charles quite bravely without shying from his sapphire gaze. If it pleases your lordship, I believe we should head out.

Charles nodded and smiled, a chuckle coming from his throat. Lady--

You dispensed with some formality, Lord Charles. Let me as well. Just Whisper. It's faster if you need me for something, okay? Her serious face told him that she was not kidding and that it would be what she preferred so he nodded.

As you wish, La... err... Whisper. Let us leave. You are in charge for a reason. If the pace does not suit me for whatever reason I could devise, I will make you aware of it. Thank you. He stood and brushed his trousers off from the damp that had gotten them, but it did not worry him whatsoever. Plenty of time to dry them by sitting on a seat cushion as Muffle cheats me at cards again. Or I should read. I should be thankful that we have so many candles to replace the ones in the jars should they burn out.

Thank you, Lord Charles. Whisper gave him a mysterious sort of smile that he couldn't place as she turned and strode away from him with purpose, tapping Mender on the shoulder and jerking her head at his horse, Firebrand. The large red headed man got the hint and took her arm as she hauled him to his feet, using quite a bit of strength, before she headed towards Jet and Echo.


Jet frowned, never looking at her. He just shifted the bridle a bit and made sure it sat well on his horse's head. Frigidness is something I only reserve for lords. Not for you. Even your sister is fine. I have no qualms of placing myself under her or Sir Tomick's command. He glanced at her very briefly before looking back at the horse. And don't worry. I'll be keeping an eye out for danger regardless. I know my duty and I know my place. I certainly don't need to be told how to do it or where it is. Echo... He said her name plaintively with a sigh. What do you want from me? You didn't just come over here to scold me for bad manners, did you? He sounded tired, not angry.

And not only do you want me to play nice to a lord, you want me to play nice with my rival. Oh Echo, do you know what you ask of me? It would be easier for me to kiss Mender full on the lips than for me to play nice with your lord. I can't help it if I hate them all.
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