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Tomick smiled as Whisper came his way. He shifted so that his shoulder wouldn't dig into her back, but he didn't move to follow his own wants. Instead, he leaned a little into her to balance the weight, and looked around at the group they had. "Certainly no problems with Juli. That woman is a good soldier. Does what she's told. Not once did I need to remind her to keep an eye out. She watches her horse well, makes sure its not tiring. Not a single motions is lost in efficiency." He shook his head with a grin. The woman had impressed him with her actions so far.

He looked at Whisper, twisting a bit to do so, and murmured quietly. "The only one we seem to have any trouble with so far is Paul. Hopefully this trip can turn a boy into man." His eyes looked for the young initiate again, and then turned back to the main group. "I'm glad the lord's a man who will come out and socialize with us though. Trips are easier when everyone can consider themselves friends, at least somewhat. Hopefully, Paul's manners will improve for it." He looked over towards the horses where Echo was speaking to Jet, and scanned over everybody, watchful. Others were not paying attention. He would watch.


Patting Hock gently and then stroking his coarse mane, Echo tempered her voice. "I may not have sat down upon the ground, but I was well within sight and sound of every one of you." She didn't bother mentioning that her shouts were normally at least double the volume of most people, and she didn't mention at all that that she could make it even louder.

She sighed lightly and ducked under the Hock's neck to get a clearer view of Jet, his gelding shielding them both from easy sight of the rest of the party. Her eyes looked over him, taking in the telltale signs of tension and knowing that he was bothered by something that he didn't want to share. Very well. I simply won't poke at it overly much. She brushed a strand of hair behind her face and looked up at the dark eyed man. "You don't need to get him, nor does he need to get to know you, Jet. But we'll be on the road as a group for a good fortnight or so at the least. We've still got to reach Randatria, let alone go to the east beyond that. You may as well be friendly." She pursed her lips at him, crossing her arms. "Frigidness doesn't become you." Her voice had been soft and persuasive for the first bit, but then turned semi-serious, and her eyes sparkled with humor afterwards. She had gotten an image of Jet wearing ice as clothing. It certainly would ruin his physique, what with the strange angles the ice would reflect back. She tried to hold back a grin. At the same time, she was desperately trying to keep herself from remembering the argument that they'd had just the day previous, and what it had turned into.

Gotta keep myself in line this trip. Even hidden kisses might be too much.
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