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Whisper watched her sister wander off to smoothe a suitor's feelings, getting a feeling that she might be doing it a lot over the course of this littel voyage. Amber smiled at Echo for the pat and Charles only caught her glance momentarily, but his eyes were as friendly as ever. Whisper simply sat for a while in silence as she looked around in the area that they had stopped at. Just at the side of the road they had pulled over to free it for other carts or wagons that might be passing. The horses were tucked into a small bit of a clearing where the grass seemed to grow expressly for the purpose of feeding them. There was plenty of old forest growth, fallen trees. Everything dripped from the rain that they'd had which made the greens vibrant and alive and muted everything else, not that Whisper minded the color. It kept all sounds sort of muted too.

Muffle climbed up and sat down beside her for a while, the hiskr nonintrusive with his quiet movements. You're Muffle, right?

Yess, that iss corrrrect. You arrre Whissperrr, mosst fearrred crrreaturre thrrroughout Courrrt with only one exssepssion, yourrr fatherrr. The hiskr's green eyes sparkled mischievously as he smiled.

Whisper chuckled. That is quite possibly true. I have noticed that sort of thing myself.

Muffle shrugged. You do not ssseem sscarrry to me though. Too honorrrable forrr that. That iss good. My massterrr iss a good man. Pleasse be kind to him.

Whisper snorted softly. I'll see him safe to his destination. You've got nothing to worry about there. He seems affable enough anyway. I don't think we'll have a problem unless he's really a mean guy when my back is turned.

Then asssk yourrr ssissterrr forrr desscriptssionsss of hiss merrritsss. Sshe knowss him well enough.

I make my own opinions. My sister tries to like everyone. I never do. I have to go now though. Check on my troop, as it were. Muffle nodded as Whisper climbed back down.


Paul cried out as the back of his head got smacked and he wobbled, his arms cartwheeling as he fell forward. Tomick's hand came to settle heavily on his shoulder, his voice deadly and dark. As soon as it was said, Paul's eyes grew wide and round and he bolted away from the paladin, glancing back as he went to stand... Anywhere else...


Jet glanced over to see Echo arriving, her musical voice a distraction as he stroked his horse's neck. I don't need any lord to get to know me, Echo. Those who know me already are enough. Besides, you practically separated yourself from everyone the moment you sat down. His voice was even, a slight tenseness in the set of his armored shoulders. It was obvious that he was bothered and that he didn't want to tell.

Hock lipped at the top of Echo's head as she felt about for problems with his joints, as if trying to eat her hair, his tail swishing at the mosquitos that had risen during this time of lessened wet.


Whisper sat down beside her lover and leaned her back against his shoulder, just wanting that small touch of armor to armor to sustain her. She tugged off her helmet and set it in her lap before pushing her hood down. It was better to air out her head. Everything all right at the back end, Tomick? No problems with Juli? She sighed softly, happy to be touching him in some fashion even though she couldn't stroke his cheek or nuzzle his neck as she wished. A small bit of tension hung in her shoulders because of it but it was hard to tell beneath armor and cloak. It's going to be hard being in charge of him. I would rather tumble him in my tent, feel the warmth of his skin against me and know the tenderness of his hands. Instead, I get to be cold, damp, and perfectly alone, unless Echo wants to share my tent and then I won't be alone. Cold and damp though... I think those will stick around for another day unless we're lucky.


Mender smiled at the draconian and decided to see about enticing her into a little conversation. So how long have you been with your lord, Amber?

She tipped her head, her pale blue veil leaning to one side, thinking. He has ever been my lord since we were children. So... I would say fifteen or twenty years.

The large man blinked, astounded. That is a long time to be with one lord. Have you ever thought about working with someone else?

Amber shook her head quickly. Oh no, oh no! M'lord is a good man. Kind all the time to his servants and friends. I couldn't think of serving a better master than him. Some lords would beat their servants, but mine? Never. He only gets a face on that makes us know that he's disappointed. Breaks the heart, not the head. She smiled at her quip.

Mender chuckled. Well, that's good then. I'm glad to know that he's a good person that we're guarding. The world needs more good people in it.

The draconian woman nodded. To that, I'd agree. Her sharp toothed smile flashed out and she straightened the veil at the back of her head once more. Just keep m'lord safe and there'll be one more good person still around to make the world a'right.
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