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Echo hugged her back, and allowing her voice to take on it's normal loudness, squeaked a little as she protested. "Hey! It's not my fault that I wasn't born with Father's tolerance! You and him could drink a barrel between you and be none the worse for wear!" She shoved at her sister some, carefully. They were on top of a wagon.

She looked down in time to catch Juli moving over to the lord and his followers, striking up conversation. Jet seemed to be moody, checking over his horse. Echo frowned, voice quiet once more. "I think I'll go soothe my other suitor. He's right cold at the moment, and I want to know why!" She slid down from the wagon, smiling pleasantly at anyone who met her gaze, and taking the chance to pat Amber comfortingly on the arm. She seemed a little nervous in present company. Her eyes flared at Charles, and then she moved onwards, over to the group of horses. She greeted her sister's steed first, patting the horse and soothing him with humming and the chimes of her bells before carefully making her way towards Hock, who she wanted to make sure wasn't winded from Paul's folly.

As she checked the horse over, feeling his joints for swelling, and making sure he was cool without problems, she found herself close enough to Jet to start conversation with him. "Silly man, to separate himself from the group. That's how they always get people you know. Picking them off one at a time." It was silly and pulled only from her knowledge of tales, but it was a start. Her eyes sparkled at him brightly.


Tomick had already had enough of Paul's foolery. He had looked at the man, noted the gesture, and the, his movements casual, stood up as he finished his food. Still chewing, he reached upwards, as though stretching, and then, as his arms came back down, smacked the younger man across the back of his head. With carefully planned, innocent shock coming across his features, he bent to make sure the man was alright, resting a hand on his shoulder. His murmur was deadly. "Do that again, Paul, and I will beat you black and blue before she ever even knows of it. And Leosine help you once she does." Seemingly satisfied that the man was okay, he sat back down next to Mender, smiling all around once more.
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