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Whisper laughed softly. Wraith has a fine ass. It was well bred. She stuck out her tongue. I know what you mean though. You're going to have to keep those men in line, Echo. The lord seems like a fine enough man, a bit shrimpy though. I can't read Jet though. He's a decent Lion, just moody right now. Knows how to take orders anyway, unlike some. I hope you're right about Paul. I hate dealing with idiots. He seems to have gotten worse since you tangled with him. I will take your advice and keep him closer to the wagon this time. I doubt my threatening his life has improved his demeanor yet. I just hope I don't have to beat him raw and bloody before he realizes that I'm serious. She sighed and leaned into her sister, wrapping an arm around her in a halfway hug, squeezing her slightly out of fondness.

There is one thing I know though. I'm glad that you're with me, Echo. I couldn't think of any other sister that I would rather get stuck with, no matter how much trouble you always are. She smiled at her little sister. And pick up the noise whenever you feel better. You are just ill equipped for that much alcohol. Whisper laughed at Echo's expense.


Charles nodded at the paladin whose eyes were already traveling up to the roof of the wagon where the Lorelei sisters sat in their softly spoken conversation. He admitted his curiosity as to what they were talking about to himself only. A pleasure to meet you as well, Tomick. Two paladins, two knights, and two initiates. And the Lady Echo. Quite the guard I have. A pleasant Court smile on his face, Charles decided to attempt at being nice to all of them, even the cold Jet and the immature Paul. I am sure that I will be safe in all of your capable hands and I look forward to travelling beside all of you.

Mender smiled back as did Julianne. I will look after you and your servants as well as I can, Lord Charles. Paul laughed and Mender glared at him. Jet, who normally stood between the two when they got like that, decided to stand and check on his horse instead, finished with his food.

Julianne sighed and thought about making conversation with Tomick until she realized that his eyes were already locked upon Whisper's face. She frowned and went instead to speak with the lord and his servants, getting up and reseating herself nearer. Lord Charles, do you and your servants travel often on the road here?

Charles, surprised that some of them seemed willing enough to talk to him, smiled kindly and shifted that she might sit upon the log with Amber, Muffle, and himself. We are quite familiar with the road. While I spend my time in Court quite often, I travel too and from my estates to make sure that things are running yet when I return. My mother still holds attention in the Eastern Court while I make the journey to the West to establish trade. It is generally a prosperous plan as I am able to make plenty of trade agreements with my fellow lords through face to face communication. It is much less... duplicitous to speak to a man and be able to look into his eyes to know the honesty and integrity behind his dealings.

Juli nodded. That does sound like a good plan. An enemy is best known through their eyes, a saying amongst we Lions.

Charles chuckled softly. True enough with lords as well though they seem to hide it better than honest soldiers and merchants.

The bald woman wrinkled her nose and smiled. Now that I don't doubt.

Paul decided to be disgusting and nudged Tomick in the shoulder before gesturing with his hips in Whisper's direction, snorting with laughter. Mender rolled his eyes, obviously not pleased to be stuck with the man now.
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