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Echo smiled as her sister came to join her. Her own food was halfway finished. "Naw. Our first adventure I was supposed to be riding alongside you, not on a wagon staring at your horse's ass." Coarser language than she usually would use, having grown up more among the nobility. But Echo felt as though she may as well let all of it out in one go. They were on the road. It gave her an excuse to play with being a person that nobody truly knew. Throw manners out the window. She laughed lightly though and smiled at her sister. 'I didn't expect it ever to be more than just you and me. And here we have a whole group. Two of them are men who are interested in me." Her eyes strayed to Jet, and then to the red-headed lord as he cleared his throat and broke the silence. She grinned, nudging her sister. "And your lover, content to follow." She grinned at Tomick.

With a small sigh, she rubbed her neck. Though her headache had faded, she was still feeling the effects of her hangover. "I'm sure I'll pick up the noise after lunch. I had way more wine than usual last night." She gulped down the rest of her sandwich quickly, listening carefully to catch the introductions. She didn't like the way that Jet was so...cold. They would be on the road for a while. The least he could do was be friendly. "Honestly, I'm not surprised at Paul. But this will help him, I think. I feel sorry for his horse though. You may want to make him stay close to the wagon, keep an eye on him. Else we'll have to stop earlier because he's tuckered his horse out."


Tomick smiled. He was one of the few that had been at the ball and would have no hangover at all. He had ridden alert and content, if tired, in the back all day so far. His helmet off for lunch, it sat next to him, along with the padding that went under it, leaving his platinum hair shining in the light. His mouth was full as the line of introductions came to him, and he swallowed quickly. "Ah... Sir Tomick Kethion, m'lord. Paladin at your service." There was a fervent gleam in his dark eyes. "Just Tomick's fine though." He smiled, nodding at both draconian and hiskr servants as well as the lord. Then his eyes moved upwards, to where the two sisters sat together. Though it would be hard to tell from the angle, his eyes were fixated on Whisper, and his lips quirked up a little in the corner. What was obvious is that he was besotted. It was common knowledge with who.
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