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Juli tugged off her helm, the pink scarf holding tight to her bald head, feeling the cool seep into her scalp for a little while. Whisper left hers on as did Mender. Jet's dark hair had been pulled back into a tail beneath his which altered his look as he sat on the damp ground on the other side of Mender. Paul stayed sulking by himself. Whisper was glad that Echo had put herself in charge of supplies. It made things easier to have someone on duty for that. Perhaps I'll tell her that it will be official. She can be the Supply Master. I think she'd like to feel useful.

Whisper, food all gone almost as quickly as she received it, made her way to sit beside her sister at the top of the wagon. Her voice was quiet as she leaned in. So... is this how you pictured our first adventure to begin? Me already scolding Paul for being a complete failure? You still suffering from your hangover from last night? You just seem so... quiet today. She gave her sister a smile and hoped that Echo didn't feel that she was being nosy.


Juli glanced up at the two sisters sitting on the wagon and frowned. Her mind spun in strange little circles that she could do nothing about, yet she couldn't help thinking. Instead, she looked back at the rest of her companions. The lord ate quietly beside his two servants. They all sat on a partially damp log as if that were something a lord and his servants were prone to do. It was strange to see them do such a thing. At least, it was for Julianne. No lord had ever eaten so near his bodyguards as this one was doing. Any normal lord would have hid away in his wagon for the rest of the day, especially with the threat of rain hanging over their heads.

Then there was Tomick, Whisper's lover. She wondered if he felt left out because she paid him less attention that she would a fly that buzzed around her head. Their leader hadn't even so much as given him a glance since they slid down from their horses. I wonder if it eats him up from inside. Or if he just accepts it as if it is a hazard of being Whisper's lover?

It was then that the lord decided that he had had enough silence. As I am not acquainted with any of you, it is probably for the best that I introduce myself. I am Lord Charles DeKlaris and it is towards my estates that we'll all be traveling. I do not wish to feel like a stranger to all of you so I give you permission to refer to me as Lord Charles. Mildly informal, I know. I prefer it that way. However, if you have an issue with informality, then you may call me by my full title and it will not make me upset. My servants here are Amber and Muffle. He motioned to the draconian and the hiskr in turn.

Mender smiled first and decided to break the little silence. It is nice to meet you, Lord Charles. I'm Mender Regalt, initiate of the Order. My entire family's in the Order and I'll make knight soon. Everyone just calls me Mender so you can too.

Charles grinned. A pleasure, Mender.

Jet did not smile as he looked at Charles, his face cool and distant even if he was going to be polite. Jet. Just Jet. I'm a knight.

Charles nodded, still smiling. A pleasure, Jet.

Julianne looked at Jet's face and frowned in confusion, not understanding why he seemed so cold in comparison to his normally warmer and patient demeanor. So she glanced to the red haired lord. I'm Julianne Markis, knight.

The lord's smile widened again with the warmth of Juli's greeting. It is nice to meet you, Lady Julianne.

Paul snorted and rolled his eyes. She's no lady! Ha! What a riot!

Mender frowned just as Juli's face turned a bit outraged. Paul, mind your tongue! The heavyset man looked back to Lord Charles and responded for Paul. He's Paul. He's only an initiate and likely to stay that way for the rest of his life because of his behavior. Julianne's face registered shock as she looked to the man that had suddenly defended her.

Paul glowered. Not so, Mender!

Charles cleared his throat and looked at Tomick next as he was the last who needed introductions, though the lord was vaguely familiar with Sir Tomick through Lady Evana.
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