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Echo smiled at Charles and Muffle. "Yup, lunchtime. C'mon. It's not too bad out here, and Amber is fine company to keep. Her spirit is bright.' She looked around as Amber came up, her ears catching the sounds of Whisper's voice. A small smile was meant to reassure the group she was with. "No worries, Amber, gentlemen. She's more bark than bite, I think. Paul is...a bit undisciplined." She moved to look around, catching the end of Whisper's rant and Paul falling to the ground. She blinked, and wrinkled her nose.

The young woman stepped back and smiled at the two servants and a nobleman. "Come on. Stretch your legs some, my lord. We probably won't stop again until we're ready to camp for the night. She beckoned the three over to be on the same side of the wagon as the rest of the group, and then did a quick head count. The horses were hobbled, lipping at the grass around them, and she frowned at the way that Hock was covered in sweat, pursing her lips as she transferred her gaze over to Paul as well.

Moments later though, she was making sure that the food was portioned out appropriately, so that it would last as long as it was supposed to. She ran a soothing weave of sound with her bells as she moved, calming any ragged nerves that she could. But once the food, basic sandwiches packed with meat and some of the fresher food that was packed for the first part of the journey, was passed out, Echo settled herself actually on top of the wagon, their own strange look out. She kept herself away as she ate.
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