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The rain continued through the morning as they traveled. Horses showed their displeasure with jostled heads and sideways ears. People showed it in different ways unique to them. Echo was far quieter than usual, partially because of her hangover.

Echo became much more personable as her hangover faded, beginning to chatter back and forth with Amber a bit, and even hum quietly every so often. Her bells jingled easily along with the wagon, and she kept her own eye on things from her perch. Despite her bare feet, she wasn't cold, or at least didn't complain of it, and it was roughly midday, the drizzle had slacked off to remain sullen clouds, when Whisper called a short halt for lunch. Echo didn't even wait for the carriage to halt fully. She swung down from the seat. The wagon rolled a few steps further as she paused to stretch, crimson blouse flashing somewhat, and knocking upon the wagon's door to let the two men inside know why they were stopping. She glanced around to count heads as riders came in closer to the wagon.
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