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A soft hum was her only response for a moment before she sat up, removing her anklets and bracelts. She tucked the two anklets and her right bracelet into her shirt, wrapping them around the strap of her bustier, and then dangled the bronze bracelet down to Jet. "Here. If we're going to make it convincing, you can't be without bells. We all know how much noise I make." She grinned, dropping the bracelet skillfully into his lap. "I expect them back once we're off the course, of course, I'll sic my sister upon you should they get damaged in anyway." Not that they would. imbued with magic, they were not just tuned well, but they did not bend easy. She grinned at him, glancing around to see where Paul was approaching from. "Mislead him or 'capture' me, as you will. I'm headed in that direction. I'll loop around to visit Mender." She grinned at him and blew a kiss before slipping around the tree and checking again to make sure that she was out of sight of Paul, who was surely headed their way, straight across to the middle. She slid down the other side, away from the starting platform, and climbing swiftly across the ropes. Part of her waited for Paul to shout in frustration once more.

She would have to go through two trees to reach the one in which Mender sat, but that was okay. The branches half overlapped on that side of the course, which would help her hide from sight, and now that her jewelry was hidden in her clothing, she coudl move semi-silently even. She didn't wait to see whether Jet misled his friend or acted as though he had caught her, but rather just climbed through, around and among ropes and branches until she was back at the starting tree. She maneuvered through the branches to find her sister sitting with Mender in an awkward silence. So, she swung upside down above them, and tilted her head, long hair dropping into their sight. "Hi!Whisper, I wasn't expecting you!" She grinned, settled onto a branch that was just above the platform, and slid her jewelry back into place, silver on the right wrist and left ankle, and the brass on the right ankle. She glanced at the center tree, where Jet was, hopefully, keeping her bracelet safe for now.

She grinned at Mender, warm and friendly, but not overwhelming as she usually was."So, Jet and I decided to make Paul get frustrated even more. He'll misdirect him, make him believe I'm caught, or such as that. I decided to come back and say hi to ya. I can't just let you be left out, after all!" She giggled a little, her excitement slightly infectious.

"And Whisper! What brought you over here? I was sure you'd find a sparring partner to occupy your time! Or do you believe I must be watched amongst the Lions as much as I must be watched amongst the mice of Court? Seriously, sister, the Lions are much harder to toy with." She grinned. She would never be granted the title of a Lioness, but she was as much a cat as her sister, just of a different breed, she supposed. Her mind wandered slightly with that, going back to the Lions that were among the trees with her. They weren't half bad. Mender, she didn't know well, but he was always ready with a small smile, and polite. Jet was nice, and obviously willing to help her in her playfulness. Paul.. Well, Paul was competitive, which was nice. It surely was good to be among them. But it was not as easy to twirl them around her fingers.
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