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Jet grinned. As you wish, Echo. Only in the center tree of this course will I drop the 'Lady' bit. He gave her a playful wink. He knew what she meant, he was just deliberately being difficult. She came nearer to him, her bells tinkling softly as she moved liked a jungle cat. He made no move towards her.

Paul's shouting was just like the man, always rushing about to one up someone else. It was why Jet liked him. He was feisty, impatient, loud, and brash. The opposite was Mender and that was why Jet liked him too, methodical, quiet, and capable. Jet himself was in the middle. He was a planner, adventurous without being overly bold, and patient just like now. Echo was closer physically to him than she'd ever let Paul get to her. You could let him pursue you or we could let him find us, but it would be more fun to perhaps evade him instead? I could make noises up here as if I caught you. You could slip away down the tree and keep my friend Mender company for a bit if you'd like as I point out to Paul where I "think you might have fled to." It's up to you, Echo. This is your game. I'm willing to make some mischief on your behalf. His grin widened.


Whisper muttered to herself, cursing herself for her stupidity. When she finally stopped staring at her feet, she realized that she stood under the climbing course. Whisper was not much of a climber herself, but she could climb well enough even in her boots. So she did. It didn't take her long until she found herself on the platform.

Oh hello, Whisper. Mender smiled at her, taking Whisper offguard.

Uh, hello, Mender. What are you doing up here?

The large red haired man shrugged. Just trying to catch your sister.

Whisper raised an eyebrow as she looked at the big man. From a platform?

Well, I'm waiting for her to come here... Eventually.

Oh. The awkward silence drew out a little.

So... how are... things... with you?

Whisper blushed and pushed those thoughts aside. Just fine. You?

My axe is... well, good.

Oh, that's... good. Mender nodded. Well, I'm going to, um, wait here for my, uh, sister. If you don't mind.

That's fine. And so the awkward silence went on...
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