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Echo shifted a bit as Jet climbed up below her, not too concerned. He was polite enough, and seemed far more relaxed than the vigorous Paul. When he settled a couple branches under her, commenting on the weather, she hooked her legs around and swung upside down to look at him better. "It is quite beautiful today. A perfect day for sitting in trees, in my opinion. And please, drop the lady. In this place, I am only Echo." She smiled charmingly at him. As he spoke of Mender, she reached to grab the branch below her, steadied herself, and then lowered her feet to it as well, draping her body along it like a panther and seeming quite comfortable with herself, despite being so close to one of her pursuers.

Her smile was soft, and she tickled her right wrist's bells softly, not missing the tact with which Jet spoke, careful to not imply that Mender was incapable. In truth, Echo was sure that Mender could climb over the ropes and trees. It was not, however, what his body was built for. She knew this, and was not disappointed that the man wasn't chasing her. "I'm sure I'll catch him on another day, perhaps when I decide I'd rather have my feet on the ground." She chuckled softly. "My health is quite fine. I've been feeling, as I'm sure you've noticed, quite spry and energetic. I'm sure it's simply the joy-" She broke off, looking up and towards the start of the course, where Paul's shout came from.

Echo let out a delightfully evil chuckle. She glanced down at Jet. "Shall we wait for him to find us, or shall I run away and lead him on a delightful chase again?" Her legs wrapped around the branch as she leaned over to look at Jet from a different angle, eyes sparkling with playfulness.


Tomick looked after Whisper, as did Carlos. Carlos looked rather amused, and Tomick, though he wanted to follow her, let her go. He was an old friend, and he didn't want her to feel as though he was crowding her. Carlos, laughed softly. "She's a bit on the dense side sometimes, isn't she?" He ran a hand through dark brown waves of hair. "I don't know if she recognizes a compliment truthfully, eh, Sir Tomick?"

The leaner man stiffened slightly, forcing a polite smile on his face, and nodded at Carlos. "She probably just wants to check on her sister. She's very watchful of Echo."

"Ah yes, Echo. The one who always gets caught with courtiers. She's quite attractive, don't you think?"

"I think both of them have a beauty about them. Echo, certainly inherited looks, and along with it, her father's charm. She's quite popular. It's why Whisper looks out for her. Now, if you'll excuse me, Sir Carlos, I think I'll see if I can find some sparring action again." he nodded politely and shifted away, moving swiftly before the other man could object.
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