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Paul lost sight of her as she scaled into the branches, but Jet, further away, had seen where she had gone as Paul was circling the center tree. Mender was still at the starting platform, undoubtedly enjoying his rest in the shade. Jet climbed the middle tree fairly well, at neither a fast nor a slow pace. It was simply more of a stretching exercise than a race. He was by no means silent, but soon enough he sat in a bough below the thin ones that Echo sat upon. Lovely day today, Lady Echo, don't you think? He shaded his dark eyes and looked out at the other trees, at Mender, and at Paul who was prowling about. He hadn't seen Jet scale up this part of the tree and still thought he might be able to herd Echo. However, Jet was simply content to sit for the moment and in no rush. He had worked out earlier in the day, taken a warm bath to soothe his muscles which were now fine and relaxed.

Mender sends his regards, but he didn't feel quite up to catching you today. Perhaps tomorrow or the next time you would grace us with your presence. In Jet's deep bass tones, he did not mock his friend, but merely made it seem as if Mender was simply tired and not incapable of climbing to catch the willowy girl. He glanced up in her direction. Might I inquire after your health?

Paul had climbed his way back to the beginning where Mender waited for everyone. What do you mean that Jet headed off in that direction? The blond man's shout could be heard from where Echo and Jet were sitting.


Tomick made her feel very much at ease. He did not make light of her words and when his hand settled on her shoulder, her face began to flush even as a smile spread across her face. However, as the pressure on her shoulder quickly evaporated, Whisper wondered at the man who had just shown up. He was big, bigger than Tomick, built almost like her father. While Whisper had heard of him, it was rare that they even came close to face to face. Carlos was most notably a man that everyone talked about and rarely to. She simply tried to appear friendly and smiled at his greeting though she was mildly curious as to why Tomick suddenly appeared to be so guarded.

Why... um, thank you, Sir Carlos. I do believe your... your flattery is quite overdone as my presence is... uh... of little significance. More stuttering. Oh great. It seems that perhaps... um, you were... looking for... um, Sir T... Tomick. I will then just, um, walk along. I must, um, really... really find my sister. It was nice talking to y... you, Sir Tomick. And you, Sir Carlos. By Leosine, am I... running away?

There comes a time in a person's life when they feel like a coward. Whisper was a coward. A big, stupid coward running away from two perfectly, fine fellows. It was overkill, over-intimidating, terrifying. She swallowed as she hurriedly walked away towards the tree course that her sister would probably still be at with her newly-made friends. It was strange comparing the two men that she had been beside side by side. The dark one and the light one. The light one and the dark one. The light one, Tomick, had been a childhood friend all grown up. Handsome, strong, a man her father would never deny her should she want him. The dark one, Carlos, was a virtual stranger. Dark, exotic, handsome, strong, and possibly a man her father would not object to. It never even registered in her mind that either one would ever challenge her to a duel for Right to Marriage and win against her. Of course, neither one may be interested in me. And I'm running away. Oh big, strong Whisper! How she runs! Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I will prove Carolyn wrong and go to the public baths! I will do it! I will NOT tell Echo! She clamped her jaw tightly with determination.
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