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Inwardly, Echo cringed. Gross, Paul! She just let out another laugh though, echoed by the bells on her ankles and wrists. It was not a very long climb for her to reach the middle tree, with it's great, sprawling branches. There were platforms between many of these, and ropes hanging on the branches themselves. But her goal was upward. If she were high, it was easy to find many ways down. She had climbed this tree often. The course changed often enough that there was always something new, but there were several steady routes down. Besides, few men could follow her to some of the slimmer areas.

So upwards she went, ignoring the obvious pathways for favor of just climbing up the branches themselves. The foliage was thick, which was both nice to catch shade, but also, it made it hard to see sometimes. she was not sure where Jet was, but Paul had not followed her directly. She was up high enough that she didn't focus on looking down, and there were fewer branches and ropes as well. Here, she settled for a moment, looking around and listening hard, catching her breath for a few moments.


His smile showed that he wasn't oblivious to the attention her glances were giving him. But he provided a quiet ear while she spoke, nodding in understanding. As she mocked herself lightly at the end of it, he nudged her with his elbow, in the comradely fashion men were wont to. "What's a shared worry, feeling or thought between old friends, eh? Besides, we all know that Sir Shayne's caught up with Council business more often than not, and your sister, well... " He grinned and shrugged in way of explanation. Echo was, well, Echo. His hand rose to settle on her shoulder for a moment. "Don't worry. I won't let anyone know you've got something other than razor sharp blades inside you." He winked, and his hand swiftly moved away from her as another came up behind them with a loud throat clearing.

Carlos An'twaun was a fairly popular man among the ladies, both Leosinian and Court alike. His dark southern complexion and equally dark hair and eyes had won him more than just dances. Roughly twenty eight years of age, he was just as often out roaming the country as he was in the court. But today, he was in the complex and he had been, like every other man, training. He too came up shirtless, muscular with bulk that was only slightly less than Shayne's and with a similar lion's stride. "Why, look who finally has graced our field!" There was a smirk that joined in to his deep laughter, and his voice was smooth as fine chocolate. "Tomick, it's been too long."

He came up on the other side of Whisper and flashed her a charming smile. "And the Lady Whisper. It's not been long since you graced us with your presence, but every moment is an honor."

Tomick scowled briefly, but it was a flash of expression before he returned to a carefully cheerful expression. "Sir Carlos. Nice to see you again." His body language belied him though, tense and slightly annoyed.
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