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Jet pulled Mender up the rest of the way and let the other man sit down on the large platform entangled in the branches. I'll catch Echo for both of us, eh?

Mender snorted. More like for yourself, Jet. Get on with it, will you! I'd be much happier on the ground where I belong with an axe.

Jet chuckled. Anything you like then. Off I go! The thinner man ran out onto the nearest rope, balancing as he practically flew to the next tree as he tried to catch up to Echo and Paul.

Paul snickered. Oh I have bushy fur alright. You're just not looking in the right places. My ass is as smooth as a baby's. Wanna touch it and find out? The man dove after her and caught the next rope by his legs, letting his loop over it and kick himself off to the next, reaching around with his hands. He caught the rope like a graceful circus performer. Paul's leaps were confident and smooth no matter the circumstance. He found another pathway to a conjoining tree instead of following directly after Echo, thinking that it might be easier to try to herd her to an easier section of the course. Of course, Jet was probably on his way and, if he got her to head that way, she'd see him, scamper back to where she was before and Paul would nab her for sure!


Whisper kept looking at him, noting how the color of his hair had darkened more into the platinum when it had looked more whitely blond as children. His eyes were still deep and brown. He had filled out more, his awkward teenage frame filling into... She swallowed again. He had a fine sheen of sweat that made him glisten with health, just like his gentle eyes glittering with life. Broad shoulders, defined muscles, no longer was he simply Sir Taliden's son or Tommy. His voice didn't even squeak anymore. What a difference a few years make... She smiled as he laughed, his rich tenor sounding like honey. She could see his mother's fairer features in his straight nose and light hair and his father's stronger chin and jaw and build. I can't believe that he is that little boy we used to play with. Making mudpies and playing with wooden swords and... It just can't be. By the Mane, he's hot!

Yes, the Court can be awfully stifling. Echo spends so much time immersed in it that it's hard for me to protect her sometimes. I've got obligations to the Order and... father. She looked down at the ground and dug a steel tipped toe into the ground. Ever since mother died, Echo's taken it hard and father too, to some degree. I feel sometimes that I'm trying to hold it all together. It's just... hard. I love them both dearly, but... She tapped the dirt off of her boot with a well placed stomp as she looked up at the sky, shading her eyes from the direct glare of the sun as a few birds flew by. Sometimes it feels like I'm just wasting away here. But I have my duties though. To the Order, to my father, to my sister. She looked back to the man she was standing beside as if he was suddenly the boy that she had shared a few secrets with in their childhood, a confidant besides her sister. It was really easier when I was a child. No true worries, no true cares, but I wanted to grow up, be a paladin like father. So here I am. I got what I wanted. Heh. Her pale blue eyes flitted away and then back to his face again. He made her nervous and yet he was still the boy that she had grown up beside even if he seemed so very... different. I suppose I sound stupid. I probably shouldn't say such things. You know, um, like all that. Here's big, tough Whisper all weak in the head... Heh. She mocked herself lightly, not sure what else to say, but uncomfortable suddenly with all the things she had divulged to him.
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