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Echo laughed at Paul's response, hands and feet carrying her higher. "Hardly mocking when it's true, Paul!" She swung from the climbing rope and up into the course, slipping around a branch, climbing as high as she could. She paused for a moment, hunkered on top of one of the ropes that stretched between trees. Paul was right below her, clambering up to stand on the rope, and Jet was still far below, helping Mender. Good friend, that. She smiled. Her eyes focused on Paul again just in time to see him leap upwards, hands grabbing for the rope she was standing upon.

She bounced down with his weight, and shoved off of the taut hemp, flinging herself backwards and twisting in the air, quite like a squirrel indeed. She would lose height, but that was not the point. It was a game of chase. Laughing, she fell through the air, reaching for the rope that she had often jumped to. It was a sideways rope ladder, with more ropes dangling from it, roughly five feet down from where Paul now hung. Her hand caught solidly onto it, and she made her that she caught it with elbows bent, allowing her body the room to swing and soften the blow to her joints from the jolt. Echo laughed up at Paul, hooking a leg up through the ladder with ease and sticking her tongue out. "Can two play that game, good sir? You seem to be lacking in the squirrel department! I see no bushy tail!" She scrambled towards the tree that was planted in the middle of the grove.


Tomick grinned, his easy nature allowing Whisper to stumble through her response. Then his grin only widened, and he brushed his hair to one side in an easy gesture that suggested it was habit. Cute. A blush from the stoic sister. His voice was filled with slight laughter, but mostly an easy-going tone. "Call me Tomick, please." He waved off her awkwardness. "Father says that "Tommy" is far to childlike for someone as grown as I. Personally, I think I agree. My pilgrimage forced me to leave my childhood behind, but I think it's still okay to reconnect with childhood friends." He stepped to one side and leaned against a post that was cut up from frequently getting bashed by various weapons. "I just haven't had much of a chance to seek out old connections. This is the first time I've managed to get onto the sparring field. Mother had me tied up in court functions." He chuckled, a rich tenor that came from deep in his chest.

Brown eyes gleamed with gentle humor. "I can see not much has changed since I left though. Still keeping an eye on Echo, and she's obviously as much of a handful as she was when she was younger. Still chasing her out of parlors and off of noblemens' laps then?"
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