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Jet, with his shoes already pulled off was the first one onto the trees with Paul soon to follow. Echo, you're so mean! Mocking us lowly lads from above. Paul, however, was the faster climber. He used his toes as leverage and was using his juggler's muscles to haul him and his lighter weight up faster.

Mender settled his boots neatly against the tree, adjusting his sleeveless shirt a bit before giving the tree a go. He strained against it and began to stiffly pull himself up. Fortunately, these trees had been used by many different people over the years and some kind soul had made some divets for others to use as handholds. He grunted with effort and struggled his way.

Come on up, Mender. I'll give you a hand up this far, okay? Jet paused to wait for his larger friend, knowing that the red headed boy would never make it all the way up even to the lowest levels unless he found some encouragement. Besides, there were more than one way to catch a woman, especially when Echo was not of the Order.

Oh thanks, Jet. You don't have to wait for me. You can go catch Echo with Paul.

I figure if we get you to here, you've earned a rest and I'll catch up to them then. All right?

Sure. Thanks. Mender smiled at his darker haired friend.

Paul, however, pursued Echo with a single-minded intensity. My, you are a squirrel today! But two can play at that game! The blond man pulled himself up to stand, delicately balanced on the rope he was standing on, Echo still one above him. Then he hunkered down and pushed himself upwards in a leap. He gripped onto the rope that Echo was attached to, causing the whole thing to jounce and bounce with the sudden weight.


Whisper had been lost in thought since Carolyn had stopped by. Turtle. Bah! I'm not a turtle. Armored, yes. But not slow! Turtle... I can look at all the naked men that I want to when I want to! I just... never really... had the time... to look... at them. Yeah. That's right, Chloe. If you think it to yourself, it must be true. By the Mane, I'm pathetic. I... The woman startled slightly as Tomick's voice caught her unprepared. Oh, uh, Tommy. Hi. I mean... She cleared her throat, trying to pretend that she was a true warrior, prepared for anything and honed like a living weapon despite the fact that she had practically grown up with the... It must have been a while since I saw him. Tommy... is not the right name for... him. Her throat felt really dry.

You know, she's just... Echo. Heh. Just being... herself. Which is to say that she's safer in the trees than in a parlor with some nobleborn. She slapped her herself in the forehead. I mean... Well, what I mean to say is... Well, I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a monkey. Well, not, uh, literally, but... Oh by the Mane, I've made a fool of myself. I should start over. She sighed heavily and dropped her head, letting her dark forelocks cover her eyes for a moment. Composed again, she lifted her eyes to his and tried again. It's been a few years, I think. You must have gone on pilgrimage or... moved far, far away to the countryside? Her face darkened into a horrible blush. What the hell, Chloe! Get a grip! I should really stop talking and let you say something, shouldn't I? She grimaced, her eyes wincing from horrible embarrassment while butterflies killed each other in her stomach, as her mother once used to say.
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