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Echo didn't wait for anyone to join her before heading up into the trees. When Jet, Paul, and Mender showed up, she was halfway up one of the dangling ropes that made it easier to climb into the trees. Feeling like showing off now, she wrapped the rope around her leg and lowered herself backwards carefully, feeling her muscles flex and strain as the twisted material cut into her flesh around her knee and calf. She looked at the three men upside down, hair falling in silken tangles towards the ground. Her right leg hung free, held at an angle for balance, and she had one hand on the rope, and the other hanging free. Her eyes scanned across the three friends, placing who they were, and then she smiled brightly, her teeth gleaming in welcome and her eyes sparkling. It softened a little when she looked at Mender who was obviously a tag-along to this game. "Heya boys."

She tilted her head, blinking at them all for a moment before pulling herself upright once more, and untwisting her leg from the rope, settling her foot on a knot in it, between her toes. Jet's probably the best looking, but Mender is sweet, what with being shy and all... She beckoned with one hand, flipping her wrist to make the bells jingle louder. "Well, come on then. Can't be company from the ground!" She laughed then, and added in a sing song voice "Jet, Paul, and Mender, racing up the trees. Doesn't matter though, 'cuz they can't catch me!" It was slightly taunting, but mostly a flirt as she softened the insult to their skills with a wink and a smile. And then she reached up once more, pulling herself higher on the ropes.


A soft footstep fell behind Whisper, but the lean man that came up behind her wasn't sneaking. Platinum blond hair fell in shaggy locks across his forehead, and chocolate brown eyes looked out from underneath them. He was muscled well, as any of the Lions were, his shoulders and chest broad and coming down to a 'V' at his waist. "She has far too much fun." Tomick , a familiar face at court, having grown up here with Taliden and his lovely Evana. He was a little larger than his father, certainly not getting his size from his Lady mother. "You sure it's safe to let her into the trees with those rogues?" His full lips parted in a grin, his white shirt hanging from his hands and his skin glistening under the sunlight. A sword was belted onto his hips, and it was clear he'd come from practicing with someone in the rings.
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