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Whisper chuckled at her sister's antics as the other girl faked swooned against her. Most of the men closest by were older ones her father's age or close to. There were those who were closer to children than even to teenagers that were running around with wooden swords under the eyes of some trainer or another. Those of Whisper's own age group appeared to either be challenging the older ones or each other at this activity or that. Echo turned, mentioned climbing and scuttled off like a monkey. Whisper was never too good at tree climbing or playing with ropes. The ground was her stage though she never spoke too loud about it. Echo's voice reverberated around the training yard as she asked for someone to climb with. Whisper shook her head, smiling. Echo was never one to be subtle about anything. Their father probably heard her from within the Council chambers. Oh father, I've done the best I could with her today. I'll just thank Leosine that she's outside where I can see her now.

Hi Whisper! I thought you were here already today? Came back for more? The red headed girl with the freckled nose smiled at her, waving a bit while toweling her head dry.

Just watching my sister now, Carolyn. She's such a handful. Whisper rolled her eyes.

I'll bet. Heard her from inside the baths. One or more in there got a hard on at the sound of her voice.


You're right. It was probably more like ten or fifteen. Carolyn laughed loudly.

Are you serious?! I'm going to have to best them all with a smack to the head! Whisper's face was red.

Whisper, you know that you never go into the baths this side of the complex. There are... The other girl leaned in conspiratorily. Whisper did as well, not sure what the secret was. ...naked men in there.

Whisper growled sourly. Bitch. The other girl laughed loudly again.

Don't be a hater now! Go appreciate some of those fine men in there. Maybe one of them will finally get through your defenses, Turtle. Carolyn gave her a wave as she wandered off again and Whisper snorted unhappily, her mind completely unhappy with the prospect of going near the public baths now. She instead watched her sister from afar whose charms seemed to find her in no lack of company... ever.


Not every Lion was a bulky one nor meant for the ground. When Echo's call for company was heard, several came. Three, in fact. Jet, Paul, and Mender were three friends. Where one was, the others could usually be found. All three were in their early twenties, Jet being the oldest at 26. Jet was tall and lithely muscular with a broad set of shoulders and strong arms. He worked well with the lighter swords and dagger work. His hair was a straight dark brown that seemed to shimmer almost cinnamon in some lights and hung loose at his shoulders. He had a neatly trimmed goatee around his mouth and dark eyes that seemed a brown near black. He worse a simple sleeveless tunic, much the type that Whisper would prefer but without the hood, and a pair of plain trousers.

Paul had been a juggler before he was accepted into the Order as a teenager. His skills with daggers and the art of throwing them were fairly renowned in the Complex. He was a thinner man with a good, muscled back that always seemed to be tanned in the sun because he liked running around without a shirt on most days to impress the ladies. Paul was a short haired, tawny blond with hazel eyes and a very small gap between his two front teeth that did nothing except make him try harder to make people laugh. All he was wearing was a simple pair of brown trousers.

Mender was a larger man than either of the other two. It wasn't that he wanted to climb trees or swing from ropes. It was terribly difficult, but as his friends were going, so must he. Mender had strong arms and strong legs that held a rounded stomach and circular, freckled face. His red hair was wavy and stopped at his shoulders. His chest was covered in all sorts of red curls as were his legs and arms. It wasn't excessive. He was simply more developed than the rest into the man he would become one day. He even had a very wispy start of a mustache coming on on his upper lip. And despite his roundness, Mender was still fairly strong. He just wasn't the fastest.

Hey! Echo! Heard you could use some company! Mind if we join you? Jet gave her a friendly wave and began shucking off his shoes to be able to climb easier, knowing that the girl was a shameless flirt and probably wanting company.

Just thought you might want to climb trees with someone who could actually climb trees. I don't know what these other two guys are here for though. Paul chuckled and Jet gave him a rough nudge as guys were likely to do.

Hi, Echo! Mender waved up to her, just being friendly and somewhat shy and knowing that he was probably going to make a fool of himself... like usual.
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