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"Dragging" her sister out of the room, Echo let go once they were out of their suite, bouncing slightly ahead of Whisper. She almost danced down the hall, flashing brass and silver at her ankles as her feet flew in different steps to various dances. Her head flew up in an indignant fashion as Whisper asked her about tumbling, and she retorted with a grin. "I'll have you know that moss can be quite dangerous to tumble in! Bugs are horrid things around here!" But she laughed after, a rather bell like sound, and moved a bit quicker towards the training yards.

When they reached them, Echo sighed in a dreamy fashion, pretending to swoon against Whisper at the sight of all of the bare chested men in the area. None of the sparring halted though, for the two girls were a familiar sight to all of the men there too. Echo looked around. She was no good with a sword, and didn't feel like possibly getting cut up in a sparring match, no matter how many magical salves were available to help heal small cuts. The rings were on one side, and on the other was a small grove of trees branches cleared carefully to help balance,a nd ropes hanging and strung between them. It was one of Echo's favorite things. The only thing she loved more was areal silks, which her Father had forbidden her to try without special observation and training.

With a grin, she jingled her way into the center of the room, catching attention somewhat. Then, she spun to look at her sister. "Maybe i'll challenge someone to balance and climbing." She wasn't the best climber, but once she was up in the trees, the ropes and even the thinner branches were no problem for her. It was nice, now and then to be small.

She paused for a moment, calling up her power, and when she spoke again, it rang across the field. "Anybody care to climb about on the trees?" They were empty at the moment, since most were gathered around the sword rings.
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