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Whisper laughed as Echo bounced back as she always did to her natural happy self and began to tug on her thick arms. Whisper was wearing her simple black trousers and her pale blue tunic along with her heavy boots. But it was easy enough to grab a sword and belt it on in passing. Why not? I don't have anybody else to scare today now that you're behaving. The woman grinned and winked at her sister and let Echo pull her out the door, as she hastily belted on her broadsword.

Whisper was always cheered up when her little sister was in a good mood. The bracelets jangled for no reason in particular and most people moved out of the way for them simply because Whisper herself took up so much room and, well, Echo seemed on a mission. The two girls were a regular spectacle around the Court and the Complex though Echo was more in the former and Whisper more in the latter. But the weather was fine and breezy and there would be muscled men lathered and oiled in the shimmering sun. Despite the fact that Whisper had never even once been kissed, this did not stop her from daydreaming constantly. Of course, she always lied to Echo on that score and said that she had kissed Tommy once when they were little so she would leave her alone. It was also an attempt to make sure that Echo never got to try to matchmake on her behalf nor pitied her for that lack of experience. Better to lie than to be pitied.

So going to have a race? A strictly legitimate tumble that has nothing to do with beds, sofas, or soft patches of moss? She joked, of course, and kept her tone playful so her sister would know it without looking at the teasing grin on her face.
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