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Echo quickly fixed her hair, pushing it into place where her sister had ruffled it. Her own mind drifted. She knew that they only wanted the best, but what Shayne considered worthy might not be someone she wanted. What Whisper searched for was probably impossible for her to find, let alone find anyone who may be worthy of her dearest sister. She smiled Mayhaps, I shall just have to amuse myself by being distinctly unavailable. After all, at least none of the Leosinian's would dare touch The Mad Lion's daughter without his consent... But what if he decides one is worthy? No... he'd at least give me a chance to Challenge that... but I'm not of their Order!

She smiled at the imagined image of herself, singing and dancing and all untouchable to every guy. She knew she was charming. Men had vied for her attention for years. She had a small jewelry box filled with trinkets, and a few bouquets of flowers dried and hanging on her walls... Impulsively, she bounced to her feet, slipping into her room and changing from her dress into her acrobatic clothing. When she came back to the parlor, she was wearing loose breeches that tied at the ankle so they didn't tangle her feet, and a simple blouse and bustier combo. Black and red, as was her wont when she had the outfit made, and still barefoot, of course, wither her knives belted in place. Her voice was impulsive as her actions. "Come on, Whisper! It'll be hours before Father's done with work, and since I probably won't be gettign any more kisses today, I may as well try to get some exercise." Bells still on the ends of her limbs, she grabbed her sister's hand and tugged, knowing that she didn't equal in strength but willing to try anyways.
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