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Ah, Tommy! I don't know why I keep forgetting his name. I guess I just keep thinking of him as father does. 'Sir Taliden's son.' She shook her head, smiling ruefully. Tommy was a handsome lad, but older by a few years and never quite in the same caliber as Whisper was. But then again, most people are far from my caliber of competency. Only father really... Maybe Sir Tulius when he was younger. Maybe even the long dead Val Kel! I shudder at the thought. If Rendo doesn't have a neck, I can only imagine that ox-boy's father didn't have one either. Oh Leosine, grant me a good-looking husband when the time comes! Whisper's eyes had taken that momentary far-away look that they always did when she said a short silent prayer. However, she was back in the present moment in seconds.

You know that father and I only have your best interests in mind, Echo. We love you. It probably would be a good idea for you to come to the rings. I mean, look around for some... some big, strong man meat. Isn't that what you're looking for? Whisper chuckled and ruffled her sister's hair. Maybe you should find someone there. Seriously. I mean, you can set the challenge yourself. It doesn't have to be crossing swords. Maybe you should work on your speed? Have a foot race?

Whisper never thought about a man for herself truly. She was so busy living up to her father's standards of strength that very few men could beat her unless she let them win and, under the weight of her pride, she could never just let someone win. It was unthinkable. Though there were some that caught her eyes nevertheless... She pictured some of them in her mind, though they all had flaws to their swordsmanship techniques or their abilities or the way their hair seemed to never get clean enough or... The far away look caught her again, but she was staring at the ceiling which meant she was definitely not talking to her God.
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