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Echo was humming as Whisper entered the suite, and she let out a heavy sigh as her sister took in the breath that said she was about to speak. Staying as she was, the young woman moved her mouth to the familiar speech. The only piece that changed was whether or not the boy pissed or not. It was only changeable in so many ways. And Whisper almost always offered her to meet the boys she sparred with. Maybe I should meet them... but it's too risky! Leosinians don't just flirt. They think of bloodlines and family ties! She sighed, sitting up as her sister finished.

"But Whisper, don't you see? I don't want you to recommend anybody to Father! I don't want to get married yet! Somebody ought to have fun around here! Father's always caught up in duties, and you... you're so concerned with who is "worthy" and who is not! If I take notice of any of the Leosinians, they'll vie for my hand... And you know I've not the strength of arm to beat them in battle and thus prove them unworthy!" She stood up and stamped her foot, eyes fiery and mouth set in a mulish look. "Besides, Sir Taliden's son... He's nice and all, but so not for me! We've known him so long... since we were naught but toddlers! He's... like our best friend!" She thought of the young man, who was quite handsome, truthfully, with his almost silver-blond hair inherited from his Lady mother and the lean muscle from his father. But she had known him for so long. She couldn't treat him as she did her weekly swains.

She reached up, pulling her hair tie out and letting her black, straight hair fall loose. "I couldn't kiss Tommy... It'd be... I don't know! If I turned my charm on to him, Father would make sure I was affianced in seconds!" She flopped back onto the couch, the dramatic look of a despairing girl. Her moan was also familiar. "Between you and Father, I shan't be able to find myself a swain at all. The man who would be worthy by your standards is nigh impossible!" She sighed again.

It was only a short dramatic display though, and then she was looking at her sister with bright blue eyes, her hair tucked behind her ears. "But perhaps, next time you go sparring, I'll come with you. I don't think any of those fools who fight you could catch me if I dared to step in the ring." She grinned. It had been a short while since she'd had a worthy challenge of her acrobatic skills. Perhaps she could use dodging swords to make her flexibility keep up to par.
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