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Whisper suppressed a snort. The dark stain on his trousers was enough of a sign that he had pissed himself. The door shut behind her departing sister, leaving poor Derik trapped with her. His begging was only another sign of his pathetic weakness. Whisper flexed her fingers before cracking her knuckles as delicately as she normally did, which meant it was fairly loud and a sign that her fist was going to connect with flesh before she was done. Lord Derik, Lord Derik... Tsk tsk. My name is Lady Whisper just like my mother before me was Lady Sigh. And yes, nothing did happen because I was here to put an end to it. Just think what would have happened if you despoiled my beloved sister, youngest child of our father, Sir Shayne. Hmm... Let me think... Oh yessss, that's right! My father would cut your balls off! He's not call the Mad Lion for just any reason now, isn't that right? Whisper smiled wickedly, flicking her eyes up to the nobleborn boy who was stuck rigid to the sofa despite his... despoiled trousers. The woman's smile was that of a cat playing with a mouse as she advanced upon him suddenly.

Her steel toed boots struck the floor heavily, but slowly. Derik swallowed as her fist coiled in the ruffles at his throat and she pulled him easily to his feet. Now, let's just make things very, very clear, shall we? Don't touch my sister again. Got that?

The man smiled uneasily and blanched, nodding like a servitor or a buffoon. Probably more like a buffoon. Whisper smile got wider, showing more teeth as she looked down at him from her tall height. Good. Now for your reward. Father says don't touch the face. I don't touch the face. Her fist plunged into his stomach and she let go of his collar, dropping him back into the sofa she had picked him up from in the first place. Whisper spun on her heel and stalked away without looking back, but still she grinned as she heard his choking sobs of pain.

As she opened the door, servants scurried away. Oh bullocks! Do your jobs! She roared her disgruntled nature down the hallways before she began her way back to the home she shared with her sister and her father. It was where Echo always went when she knew she could not escape chastisement. On her way, she caught a page boy by the arm. Page, tell my father, Sir Shayne, that my sister is up to her old tricks and that we shall wait for his return this eve at our abode. He'll give you a penny for the message. The boy smiled and darted off with the news still fresh. Whisper affected a heavy sigh and continued on.

She opened the door to their set of rooms and wandered down to the main parlor where Echo had flopped herself onto a couch. Before the other girl even looked at her, Whisper wiped the grin off of her face and tried to remain perfectly serious. You are not to see that pasty-faced boy again. He is not worthy of you, showing neither strength of heart or strength of arm. Besides, Echo, he pissed his pants! And before I even set a fist to him! There are so many better alternatives for you. I have several sparring partners that I could recommend to father should you chose one. Even his old friend Sir Taliden's son... Damn it, I've forgotten his name again... Anyway, what's-his-name is better than boy-wonder-pees-his-pants Derik. And as after a very short pause. And sparring went well. Thank you for asking.
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