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Her mouth opened to protest and then snapped shut. With a slightly snooty pout on her face, she stood, Derik not trying to hold onto her at all. He was frozen. Like a big rabbit. Of course Father wouldn't approve. And of course you don't, sister dear. She tugged her skirts straight, shook out her hair, and placed her hands on her hips with a sharp plinking noise from her wrists. "Well, we all know that you won't approve of any of the men here in court. She sniffed and stepped away from Derik as the all too familiar scent rose to her nostrils. Fear had made him piss himself.

Silently, she thanked the gods that she had stood. If a man, no, boy, couldn't even stand up to her sister, he certainly wasn't worth her time. But this was worse. Her looked at Derik with a new expression of slight disgust on her face. "Really? Oh, Derik, don't be such a wuss! She spun and flounced towards the door. It was a momentary pause, set with a familiar pout, "You always ruin my fun. It wasn't like I wanted to marry him! But she left anyways, her usual smile returned onto her face as she slid away and down the hallways, towards the Leosinian complex and her and her sisters' quarters.

Behind her, she heard the voice of Derik, slightly higher than his usual, somewhat sexy tenor. "Please, uh...Lady Chleo.... Nothing happened! Honest! I won't-" She didn't stay to hear what Derik wouldn't do. Because he would never have done anything she didn't allow. And after that kiss. Oh, posh. It wasn't that enjoyable anyways. I've yet to meet a man who can whisk me off my feet with a kiss. She smiled at everybody she slid past, hoping that Whisper wouldn't leave too many marks upon the young man. It was just too much trouble. And if she does, I'll have to apologize for letting myself get into a situation that she had to come protect my honor...again.

It was not uncommon, and wouldn't ruin her mood, but she did hate to get lectured by her father. Shayne Lorelei, the Mad Lion, was every bit as fierce with his tongue lashings as he had been in his battles of youth. Or so she was told. He would not punish Whisper for coming and interfering. And she's right. Father wouldn't approve. But that's not the point! She grumbled as she crossed an open garden area to make her way to her suites, getting glances from the near invisible servants. Oh, yes, she was gossip all around. But she was welcomed among their dinners as much as any other. Her voice bought her welcome anywhere in the castle. She sighed as she finally came to her suite's door, and flounced across to her flop onto the couch in the main parlor, letting one leg dangle over the arm, the other stretch to set her foot on the floor and her left arm under her head while her right dangled off the side.

Boredom overtook her now. She jingled the bells absentmindedly, and sang softly, a random tune. Now was the ever familiar waiting.
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