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Whisper wrinkled her nose distastefully. Derik? Ugh. His stick has been dipped in so many pots... Trying to maintain what was left of her control, the bulky woman glowered at her sister before focusing that anger at the man that was suddenly finding himself trapped underneath her beautiful sister. Father does not approve. And before you argue that father does not know him, I already know that he will not approve. It was a similar speech from all the times before. Echo had been this way since their mother died. Or perhaps it had started before that time but had gotten worse since. Whisper was shamed that she did not truly know. Perhaps it had been because she was always with her father.

However, staring at the pasty faced young nobleman with his face getting more splotchy with the seconds and the tittering servants who were darting around the open door, she was assured that the man would not be able to get her father's approval by any means at all. He was not even challenging her, for the Mane's sake! I wonder if he's pissing on the sofa beneath her. That would be hilarious. She would know it and feel it even if she didn't get her dress all soiled. I wonder if I'd be able to maintain my composure. Without missing a beat and keeping her face in the same dark expression, she got down to business. She didn't even need to look at her sister. Her eyes were still on the man trapped beneath her. Echo, go back to our suites. I'm sure father would like to have a few words with you once the current session is over.

Like any entranced cat, Whisper was eagerly awaiting the time when Echo got up and left the room. Then it was time for her to maul this pasty, weak boy.
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