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Echo giggled quietly as her chosen swain tugged her closer to him. He was certainly handsome enough. Not nearly muscled so well as some of the Leosinian's that she had been raised around, but his jawline was good, and his eyes an intense chocolate. The blond hair that was so different from her own black made her smile. She pressed against him, skillfully tilting a leg just so, completely balanced but making it seem as though he was holding her up against him. She fluttered her lashes up at him, feigning shyness as he moved to kiss her. "Derik, you rascal. She turned so that his lips brushed against her cheek instead, and he smiled at her roguishly. He was well known around court for his wooing of many maidens, but this last week, he had focused solely on her.

She hid her grin as he moved to sit, tugging her down onto his lap. She squeaked with a bit of shock, feigned of course, since she was anticipating every move. Her plum colored skirt draped across the couch, bare feet showing and her anklets jingling quietly. Wrapping slender arms around his neck she sighed a little, knowing her sister would be there any moment now. She tilted her lips up, and he responded eagerly, lowering his to press against hers. She raised a single hand to caress his cheek, pressing herself closer against him as he kissed her, and listened carefully for the familiar feel and sound of her twin.

And there she was. The door opened silently. Echo looked up with a grin at her scowling sister. "Hey, Whisper. She sat up and pulled easily away from Derik, who blanched and tried to lift Echo off of his lap. She didn't let him, though his movements made her jewelry jingle in quiet harmony. "How'd your sparring go?" She jingled one of her wrists, not casting anything. Her vow held to this day to not use magic on her sister unless she was in danger, but sometimes she wished she could just help her calm down a little.

She was so over protective!
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