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Whisper placed her feet carefully, weighing how much sound each step would make in order to move near silently through the halls of the court. She listened to her shallow breathing and the steady beat of her heart. And most of all, she listened for bells. It was easy enough to listen for them. Since their creation, it was as if they were a homing beacon that she could latch onto no matter where the bells were. There was always at least one jingling at all times if not a whole chorus of them. This was not to say that they were discordant. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The noise was usually quite soothing because it meant that the object of her current interest was alive, well, and happy. It was only times like these when Whisper felt that the bells only meant no good. Servants that passed her scuttled by more speedily though some always followed at a discreet distance, wanting to catch Whisper's prey just as much as Whisper did though for a vastly different reason. Gossipers. Malingerers. Nothing to do but chirp like little birds. Damn you, stupid, little jingly la-la-la!

It had been an hour ago since she had left her sister, Echo. The girl had promised not to get into any trouble while she was away. Promise. Bah! Whisper had gone down to the practice rings to spar with one of the other Leosinian paladins. It was just a quick workout to heat her blood and keep her skills sharp. 'I'll play chess with one of the ladies in court, Whisper. Don't worry. I promise that I'll stay out of trouble.' Right. I feel it already. Trouble. Everywhere! ECHO! Calm down, Chloe. If you get all worked up, then you won't be able to sense where she is... Ah! There!

The soft tinkle of muted bells alerted her that she was close to her quarry. The soft giggling only confirmed some mounting suspicions as well. And so it was that Whisper came to the door to some parlor or another, like a silent, stalking cat, and placed her ear up against it. This is the one. I'm sure of it. She slowly turned the knob and was thankful that it had been greased not too long ago. It made no sound whatsoever. It was cracked open and there Whisper, arms crossed against her chest with a sour look on her face, beheld her sister.
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