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The gently drifting snow brought wakefulness to the woman. She became aware to the fact that she had finished what she had begun. A smile curved on her beautiful, pale face. Yes, they had won.

Shayne and Sigh rode back towards Phenvast City. On the outskirts of that town, they built a house and a life together. Sigh gave up her demons and relied on the work of her hands, learning small elemental spells from scrolls that she had purchased with the money that the two earned. As time passed, her belly rounded with the curve of pregnancy. Gideon, her first born son, was the light of her eyes. Shayne, while he loved the boy, remembered the dark bargain that Sigh had made even as she denied it from herself. The boy grew to six years old. While Shayne was out of the house, Sigh took him to a place she had prepared long ago, created a summoning circle out of her blood around a stone altar and bid the boy lay inside its center. She summoned Barriego as she wept. Gideon was handed over to the demon, to be possessed. Shayne, sensing something amiss, came as soon as he could, finding his wife standing alone in the clearing with its altar. He insisted to go after the demon possessed child to slay him, but Sigh moved in front of him, blockading him. Should he kill the boy, she would kill herself. He agreed to never speak of it again. It was two years before Sigh conceived again. Out of this, twin daughters, Chloe and Keari. The girls would be the light of their parents eyes.

And so it was that the children grew up. Sigh died in her old age, at 61, in her bed as she had always wished it, her mouth in a gentle smile, most of her hair gone to silver, and her soul completely her own.
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