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Shayne staggered out the door to the stables, his wife going limp in his arms as the tower crashed down behind them. He dragged himself, with the last of his and her strength, into the building, and collapsed in the straw, dragging Sigh into it.Unconsciousness pulled at him, but he didn't let himself collapse just yet. He pulled the broken armor off of his body, dragged a blanket over to cover him and Sigh, and then collapsed into sleep, his wounds starting to scab.

It was later, when he woke up from his own exhaustion, to find Sigh still out cold, that he realized his claymore and one of his broadswords were no longer with him. And he could not dig through the tower wreckage to get them. With a sigh, he started moving, devouring some of the food, and tacking up the horses. He melted snow to clean his wounds, leaving them open for now, and then carefully, mounted up on his gelding after tying Sigh to the palfrey. Leading the horses he didn't ride, he slowly had the horse walk out, headed back to Phenvast, back to home.
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