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Sigh leaned into him heavily as he scooped her up in his arms and began dragging the both of them down the spiralling staircase that had been a trial to get up to. No matter what her physical eyes saw, she rode with the demon dragon of Hunger. She could feel each hit that her father gave to it, spilling its ichor as it reached out to snap at him with its large jaws. No matter how strong Memnemik was, he could not defeat Cromallaga. He was but mortal. The demon was a greater demon from the deepest pit of the Abyss. This creature had lived long before the gods had created Elefor and perhaps even before the gods themselves if they truly existed. Sigh trembled as the creature roared and then bit deeply into her father's pale, putrid flesh. She could feel the brackish red black blood roil down their combined throat as it shook the once mortal man like a chew toy, feeding on her father's pain. He deserves to die. He's an abomination. You can never claim me now, father. I am no child of yours. I disown you forever for what... for what you have become. A tear dribbled down her face, a bit of clear moisture trailed down the demon dragon's scaled cheek as it spat Memnemik's broken body against the floor, the tower shaking precariously as the wizard's demon magic began to quickly drain away. It had been the only thing that kept it standing all these years.

Cromallaga, take my father with you to the Abyss. I dismiss you. Forever. The demon smiled at her thought command.

Our time is fulfilled. Remember your bargain, Sigh Memnemik, or we shall meet again. You have been a gift to me this day. With that, the dark demon dragon took up Memnemik's body in its mouth and went back into the Abyssal Gate which shut behind them both and the tower began to collapse in earnest now.

Sigh, feeling dizzy and weak, knew that she was not long for consciousness. She forced some of her strength back up the blood bond with Shayne, giving him of herself though it was not much, and fell unconscious in his arms.
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