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Shayne could feel the wizard's attention turn from him, and used the chance to scramble back, away from the battle that was about to begin, and towards his wife, who he coudl barely see through foggy eyes. He didn't hear her words very well, but was able to read the "get out" without trouble. He spared a glance for the two that were now battling, and moved towards Sigh. His strength was being drained still, but less that it was before. Now, all he had to worry about was his own movement.

With heavy steps, he moved over to her, dropped his broadsword, and sliding to his knees to scoop her up from the floor. His voice was hoarse and pained as he scooped her into his arms. "Keep focus, love. I'll get us away from this... He pushed slowly to his feet and stumbled forward, out the door and towards the stairs. Each step felt like it woudl take forever for him to traverse, but he held himself to it, keeping only a margin of his immense about of stubbornness. They would live. They would live, and Sigh would fill her life with him, and sons and daughters. He would have children with her. No other woman would do...

The tower seemed to shake as he moved down the stairs. He coudln't remember most of the trip down, rather, finding himself at the bottom with the stairs in the main hall, and stumbling towards the door with stones starting to crumble around them.
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