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Memnemik was laughing maniacally as Shayne began to flee from him. He felt certain that he could crush the annoying little mortal that his stupid, cowardly daughter had sent at him. It was then that his laughter choked off as he felt a strange surge fluxuate through his Keep. What...? His icy blue eyes scanned the room until they fell upon his daughter, lying limp beside... No! NO! The summoning circle was populated by four black clawed forepaws. The scales on them gleamed oily and slick in the faint light, but even so, they seemed to pull a cloak of their own darkness behind them. Tentacles writhed at the edge of the Gate as the ponderous form rose out from within it.

Sigh's lips, weak as she was, curved into a wicked smile. Her hoarse voice could only chuckle softly and make soft sounds. Cromallaga, crush him... Destroy... my father... She lay on her side, watching now as the dragon-like demon rose.

Its body was nearly as large as the room itself. Four front legs, four back legs, two boney appendages that looked like wing bones with ratted webbing between them. Cromallaga's neck was long and its head was a sharp-toothed wedge with a great maw with several rows of wicked, jagged white teeth. Two flaring nostrils sat beneath six glowing eyes that seemed to be a sick off-white color. Tentacles were attached all over its body that wiggled independently of one another and seemed to drip some sort of mucus to the floor that sizzled and spat against whatever it touched. Its scaled body stretched up to half the height of the room and its tail had broken through a bit of railing of the balcony though its broad and spiked scoop was still cruelly visible.

The force of the demon pressing on her mind was immense, stupifying. She held up her walls tightly, trying to stop leeching power from Shayne, but she couldn't even though the flow had stabilized to a trickle again. She tried to lean on her own strength to contain this power. It was worse than the grimoire using her body, worse than the fireball that had caused so much scarring, worse even than when Calsylar had tried to steal her body. Her pulse hammered in her temples and her entire body felt boneless, a shell. A part of her wondered if this was what her father felt in the form he now wore.

Cromallaga's voice boomed. I have come for your soul, bargain breaker! You shall pay for your vanity!

Memnemik's eyes widened in fear. No! You are mistaken! I have broke no bargain!

For years uncounted, you have made pact with fifty demons. Your life and youth and strength and power have been extended. Your half of the bargain? A part of your soul at your death. So you seek to cheat Death itself?! I am Death! I am the Almighty Hunger! I shall devour you! The beast roared, its tail thrashing.

Memnemik began unleashing magic at the demon dragon and its slathering jaws and tentacled body that groped towards them. Sigh knew that this was a bad place to be in. She hoped her husband was near enough to hear her and whole enough to come to her. Shayne... Her hoarse voice croaked. We need to... get out... of here... He's going to bring... the whole... place down. She couldn't do much except to roll a bit on her side and move her head and lips. However, all she needed was her focused will to keep Cromallaga from devouring her directly even if she couldn't run away from it.
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