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Shayne felt his will and energy draining, and raised his broadsword again, trying to block the blow he saw, the backhand. Sword met flesh, but it didnt' stop the blow. His sword collided with the scraps of his armor, sending even more wounds into his flesh. He slid backwards from the force of the blow, and shook, feeling as though his strength was pulled to his right hand, to the scar where they had created when they became blood-bonded.

It was icy. And he could feel the malevolent power entering the room. With a desperate surge of determination, Shayne sent himself scrambling backwards, away from his opponent. His will was Sigh's to wield, but she could not if he had to continue to fight. He had to get away, to where he could simply become one with her. His body was weaker now though, blood loss starting to slow him and keep him from moving without intense pain. He felt foggy. Take it, Sigh. I can't focus it. You are the mage, the one who understands how to wield will power...- He coughed, stumbled, and fell to one knee.
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Power, Death, and Immortality · Rookwood Forest

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