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It was a trickle of cold air into her burned body, a bit of icy blue light. It was a healing draft that spiralled inside of her, slowly at first and then all in a rush. It's coming in too fast! Too fast! He was giving too much of himself too quickly, but he was no mage to know what he was doing. He poured his strength out from every pore, from his blood spilling to the floor and into the blood bond scar within her hand. REACH!

Sigh was reckless and lay down on the floor, flattening her body to the stone beneath her. Her other arm stretched into the Gate and she screamed in determination as her skin flaked off, sending searing pain shooting into the bones of her body. Her face came next as she sunk into it up to the curve of her waist, bracing her slide with her feet and knees. Had her father been paying close attention he could have simply kicked her legs and she would have fallen into the Abyss itself and probably taken Shayne's soul with her. Her nose peeled back, her eyes watered into flowing jelly. She reached blindly into Hell, flailing her arms. Power! Give me your power! Her voice was hoarse. There was no tongue in her boney face. Everything had been burned away except the glowing light of her will.

When the giant clawed and scaled hand wrapped around hers, Sigh nodded, relief touching upon her senses as there was no time left. She was draining Shayne more thoroughly than she would have wished. She could feel him weakening. You are strong, young one. You fight with the will of two. The creature her had grabbed her spoke with a voice that seemed to be made of many, deep and low and dark.

I need your power, mighty one.

What do you ask of this one?

I fight the Lord of the Red Tower, Memnemik the Master Wizard. I seek to cast his soul down. He has sullied himself and is an abomination. Will you grant me your aid?

The demon who had clasped her hand chuckled darkly with the voice of many. With great pleasure, I shall do this for you, Memnemik the Younger. He who grabs for immortality to run away from his bargains must be ripped asunder. Keep this lesson in mind, mortal woman. The deals made, the deals kept or else your soul shall be mine. It chuckled again and began to rise, pulling Sigh up with it.

You... you can't be... Had Sigh eyes in this realm, she would have widened them in terror at what horror she had summoned. She could already feel it battering at the walls of her willpower, draining her further.

I am and that I am is Cromallaga, Demon Lord of Hunger! The demon roared and reached to the edge of the expanding gate. Four black clawed hands as large as Sigh's whole body and as thick as two of her clasped onto the mortal realm. The room shook and the candles flickered out. Sigh was pushed from the edge of the Gate bodily and stay limp on her side though her eyes were open and she was breathing shallowly.
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Power, Death, and Immortality · Rookwood Forest

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